JIPMER Nursing Officer Model Question Paper With Answers

JIPMER Nursing Officer Model Question Paper with Answers

The JIPMER Nursing Officer Model Question Paper is a question paper that is used for the JIPMER Nursing Officer Admission Test. The question paper is divided into two sections, the first section contains general questions and the second section contains nursing officer-specific questions. The nursing officer-specific questions are designed to test the candidates’ knowledge of nursing.

The question paper is a challenging test and the candidates need to be well-prepared for it. They need to be familiar with the nursing officer model and be able to answer questions based on this model. The question paper is divided into two sections and the candidates need to be able to answer questions based on both sections.

1. Anti-sterility Vitamin is?
a. Vitamin B1
b. Vitamin B2
c. Vitamin E
d. Vitamin K

2. A nurse is attempting to identify a patient’s concerns. Which communication technique is most appropriate for the nurse to use?
a. Silence
b. Reflection
c. Paraphrasing
d. Open-ended question

3. This is photo labile vitamin:
a. Thiamine
b. Riboflavin
c. Niacin
d. Cholecalciferol

4. The nurse should anticipate that the patient with what condition will most likely have difficulty conveying needs verbally?
a. Receptive aphasia
b. Hearing impaired
c. Delirium
d. Blind

5. A biochemical indication of vitamin B12 deficiency can be obtained by measuring the urinary excretion of?
a. Pyruvic acid
b. Malic acid
c. Methyl malonic acid
d. Urocanic acid

a. Moderate pain
b. Altered reality
c. Sensory deficit
d. Limited mobility

a. Rice
b. Milk
c. Egg
d. Lemon

8. A nurse is assessing skin turgor in an older adult. Which site should the nurse use to assess for tenting?
a. Hand
b. Ankle
c. Forearm
d. Sternum

9. The deficiency of which one of the following vitamin causes creatinuria?
a. Vitamin E
b. Vitamin K
c. Vitamin A
d. Vitamin B6

10. An unconscious patient has excessive oral secretions. In which position should the nurse place the patient to help prevent aspiration?
a. Sims’
b. Supine
c. Fowler
d. Contour

11. Deficiency of thiamine causes?
a. Beri beri
b. Scurvy
c. Night Blindness
d. Rickets

12. A nurse is caring for a patient who is experiencing a laryngeal spasm. For which clinical indicator should the nurse assess the patient?
a. Stridor
b. Wheeze
c. Crackles
d. Rhonchi

14. Who was the second cricketer scoring 500 sixes in Internal cricket?
a. Sachin Tendulkar
b. Chris Gyle
c. Rohit Sharma
d. Viv Richardson

15. The authority issuing digital currency in India?
a. Google Pay
b. RBI
c. Phone pe
d. SBI

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