Important Psychiatric Terms

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Important Psychiatric Terms

Psychogenic Fugue: Also known as Dissociative fugue, is an amnesic dissociated state in which the individual flees or runs away from home, forgets his past but not the basic skills

Rumination: The act of persistently pondering about a problem

Truancy: Absence of school without permission

Psychalgia: Patient complaints of severe prolonged pain without any organic pathology

Neurasthenia: It is a neurotic condition marked by fatigue, insomnia, aches, pains, irritability, depression, and difficulty in concentration

Mongolism: Also known as Down syndrome.

A chromosomal disorder characterized by an extra chromosome, (trisomy 21) Mongoloid features, a round flat face, eyes seem to slant, mildly or severely retarded

Intentional Torts: Intentional torts are when others interfere in an individual’s privacy, mobility, property, or personal interests. Eg:- Battery, Assault, False imprisonment, Defamation, violation of privacy

Suicide – Types

Altruistic suicide:- a suicide associated with excessive integration with a group.

For example, suicide by old people who believe they are burden to their families

Egoistic suicide:- a type of suicide that is the result of the individual feelings of extreme alienation from others and from society in general. For example, an extremely sincere and honest worker in a corrupt setting

Anomic suicide:- a type of suicide caused by the disorientation of the individual after an unfavourable change in a financial or social situation due to loss of money in business

Samsonic suicide or suicide of revenge:- To spite others or experiencing as being unfriendly

LSD: Lysergic acid triethylamine

Most potent hallucinogens leading to addiction

Frottage:- the practice of touching or rubbing against the clothed body of another person in a crowd as a means of obtaining sexual gratification.

Bestiality:- Sexual excitement or gratification through intercourse or other sexual contacts with animals

Frigidity:- it is a female sexual disorder in which there is partial or complete lack of sexual enjoyment or satisfaction

Sodomy: Also known as Buggary or anal intercourse

Autoerotism: also known as onanism or masturbation

Psychogenic amnesia: It is a sudden failure to recall one’s own identity

Moral Pigeon-Holing: it is putting a person in a right and wrong category (one of the Basic principle of understanding)

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