Human Anatomy MCQs 2022

Anatomy MCQs 2022

1. Which bone of the head has a synovial joint?
a. The sphenoid
b. The maxilla
c. The mandible
d. The hyoid

a. The joint is freely moveable, allowing us to chew and speak.’)” type=”button” value=”Rationale”>

2. A synovial joint is also known as one of the following, which one?
a. Synarthrosis
b. Immovable joint
c. Slightly moveable joint
d. Freely moveable joint

3. What does “articulation” refer to?
a. The joining of a ligament to a bone
b. The contact made between a tendon and a bone
c. The contact between two bones
d. The connection between a muscle and a bone

4. Articulating bones are joined by:
a. Aponeuroses
b. Tendons
c. Fasciculi
d. Ligaments

5. Which of the following is an amphiarthrotic joint?
a. Symphysis pubis
b. Suture in the skull
c. Elbow
d. Shoulder

6. In a long bone, which of the following parts are involved in an articulation?
a. Epiphysis
b. Metaphysis
c. Diaphysis
d. Symphysis

7. Which two bones are involved in the movement known as “pronation”?
a. Radius and ulna
b. Tibia and fibula
c. Carpals and metacarpals
d. Mandible and temporal bone

8. What type of joint is that between two adjacent vertebral bodies?
a. Cartilaginous
b. Freely moveable
c. Synovial
d. Fibrous

9. Which muscle naming criteria are used to name the quadriceps femoris?
a. Muscle action and location
b. The origin and insertion
c. Location and direction of muscle fibres
d. Location and number of origins

10. Which of the following muscles is named according to its origin and insertion?
a. Transversus abdominus
b. Semimembranosus
c. Sternocleidomastoid
d. Deltoid

11. Which type of cell produces hydrochloric acid?
a. Zymogenic cells
b. Parietal cells
c. Chief cells
d. Enteroendocrine cells

d. Zymogenic cells are the same as chief cells, and they produce pepsinogen.’)” type=”button” value=”Rationale”>

12. What is the name given to the process of moving the gut contents along the tract in the right direction?
a. Peristalsis
b. Emesis
c. Segmentation
d. Deglutition

13. Emulsification is the name of the process carried out by:
a. Lipase
b. Bile
c. Micelles
d. Lacteals

14. What is the function of gastrin?
a. To facilitate the absorption of vitamin B12 from the gut
b. To inhibit gastric secretion
c. To stimulate gastric secretion
d. To stimulate pancreatic secretion

15. The lowest pH is found in which of the listed body sites?
a. Pancreas
b. Stomach
c. Duodenum
d. Blood

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