ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 2019 Series – 5

ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 2019 Series – 5

ESIC Staff Nurse Model question-paper Series – 2: Click here

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Total Quiz Questions=25
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=125
Main goal of ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper Series is to help the staff nurse to prepare upcoming Staff Nurse esic recruitment 2019. The questions are previously asked or important questions repeatedly asking in various government exams.

  1. World food day is celebrated on?
  2. a) 4th July
    b) 16th October
    c) 12th August
    d) 18th May

  3. Which of the following is aphasia in which the understanding is intact, but ability to speak is lost?
  4. a) Sensory aphasia
    b) Motor aphasia
    c) Global aphasia
    d) Partial aphasia

    Please Watch This video for Rationale and Explanation to Each Answer

  5. Formation of cavities filled with fluid inside the spinal cord is called?
  6. a) Meningocele
    b) Syringomyelia
    c) Meningomyelocele
    d) Myelocele

  7. Alteration in mood and affect consisting of sadness appropriate to a real loss is termed as?
  8. a) Apathy
    b) Labile mood
    c) Grief
    d) Depression

  9. Japanese Encephalitis vaccine is administered through?
  10. a) Intramuscular route
    b) Subcutaneous route
    c) Oral route
    d) Intradermal route

  11. The morbid fear of open places is called?
  12. a) Xenophobia
    b) Claustrophobia
    c) Agoraphobia
    d) Ailurophobia

  13. Acute or chronic condition of the skin characterized by recurrent appearance of wheals causing irritation?
  14. a) Dermatitis
    b) Psoriasis
    c) Urticaria
    d) Eczema

  15. Extravasation of urine into the cellular tissue due to rupture of bladder, seen in pelvic fracture?
  16. a) Urechysis
    b) Cystocele
    c) Neurogenic bladder
    d) Hydronephrosis

  17. Carpel spasm when the upper arm is compressed to cause ischemia to the nerves distally is?
  18. a) Homan’s sign
    b) Trousseau’s sign
    c) Chvostek’s sign
    d) Kerning’s sign

  19. A condition of pancreatic tumor causing excessive outpouring of gastric juice is?
  20. a) Dumping syndrome
    b) Islets tumor
    c) Zollinger Ellisons syndrome
    d) None of these

  21. Rapid speech in which the words are strung together without meaning?
  22. a) Word salad
    b) Flight of ideas
    c) Neologism
    d) Echolalia

  23. Club foot with inner edge only in contact with the ground and foot turned outwards?
  24. a) Genu valgum
    b) Talipes valgum
    c) Genu Varum
    d) Torticollis

  25. Abnormal painless vaginal bleeding is seen in?
  26. a) Ectopic pregnancy
    b) Pre-eclampsia
    c) Placenta previa
    d) Abortion

  27. Most common cause of pulmonary edema is?
  28. a) Neoplasm
    b) DVT
    c) Pulmonary hypertension
    d) Embolic stroke

  29. Absence or defective development of jaw is called?
  30. a) Aglossia
    b) Agnosia
    c) Aglutition
    d) Agnathia

  31. Blood group was discovered by?
  32. a) Robert Koch
    b) Karl Land Steiner
    c) Paul Ehrich
    d) Anton Von

  33. Bell’s palsy affect the?
  34. a) 2nd cranial nerve
    b) 3rd cranial nerve
    c) 4th cranial nerve
    d) 7th cranial nerve

  35. The most reliable indicator of neurological function in a patient is?
  36. a) Level of consciousness
    b) EEG
    c) Vital signs
    d) MRI

  37. The most common therapeutic intervention for management of toxic ingestion is?
  38. a) Ipecac
    b) Apomorphine
    c) Activated charcoal
    d) Normal saline

  39. Chlorine demand of water is measured by?
  40. a) Chlorimeter
    b) Double pot method
    c) Berkfield filter
    d) Horrocks apparatus

  41. The manifestation of pernicious anemia?
  42. a) Strawberry tongue
    b) Coated tongue
    c) Fissured tongue
    d) Beefy red tongue

  43. Phototherapy reduces serum Bilirubin through?
  44. a) Photo oxidation
    b) Photo isomerisation
    c) Photo conjugation
    d) Structural changes

  45. Health survey and development committee is by?
  46. a) Mudhaliar
    b) Mukherji
    c) Shrivastav
    d) Bhore

  47. Which of the following is not a metaparadigm of nursing?
  48. a) Person
    b) Environment
    c) Diagnosis
    d) Nursing

  49. The gradual decrease of the body temperature after death?
  50. a) Liver mortis
    b) Algor mortis
    c) Rigor mortis
    d) Hypothermia

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