ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 2019 Series – 4

ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 2019 Series – 4

Main goal of ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper Series is to help the staff nurse to prepare upcoming Staff Nurse esic recruitment 2019. The questions are previously asked or important questions repeatedly asking in various government exams.

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Total Quiz Questions=24
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=120

  1. Which of the following is the example of the intentional tort?
  2. a) Negligence
    b) Malpractice
    c) Breach
    d) False imprisonment

  3. Which level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs does the use of call bell system by a client admitted in hospital?
  4. a) Safety
    b) Self-esteem
    c) Physiologic
    d) Interpersonal

  5. What is the expected fundal height of 28 weeks of gestational age?
  6. a) 22 cm
    b) 24 cm
    c) 20 cm
    d) 30 cm

  7. Which among the following is the approximate arterial blood pH, the nurse expect to the client with uncompensated acidosis?
  8. a) 7.20
    b) 7.35
    c) 7.45
    d) 7. 48

  9. The ascites can be related to which of the following problem?
  10. a) Kidney malfunction
    b) Diminished plasma protein levels
    c) Decreased production of potassium
    d) Portal hypotension

  11. Laminaria tent is a?
  12. a) Instrument made of metal
    b) Chinese sea weeds
    c) Material made of cloth
    d) Material made of wood

  13. Which relationship is of most concern to the nurse because of its importance in the formation of the personality?
  14. a) Peer
    b) Sibling
    c) Parent-child
    d) Heterosexual

  15. Instrument used for low rupture of membrane?
  16. a) Valsellum
    b) Artery forceps
    c) Kocher’s artery forceps
    d) Curved artery forceps

  17. Which regional anesthesia is used prior to episiotomy?
  18. a) Caudal epidural analgesia
    b) Perineal infiltration
    c) Pudental nerve block
    d) Para cervical nerve block

  19. Mendelson’s syndrome is one of the complications of which anesthesia?
  20. a) Regional anesthesia
    b) General anesthesia
    c) Pudental block
    d) Epidural analgesia

  21. A client is habitually expressing anxiety through physical symptoms. Which defense mechanism identified by the nurse is being used by the client?
  22. a) Projection
    b) Regression
    c) Conversion
    d) Hypochondrias

  23. The nurse understands that the superego is that part of the psyche that?
  24. a) Contains instinctual drives
    b) Is the source of creative energy
    c) Develops from internalizing the concepts of parents and significant others
    d) Operates on the pleasure principle and demands immediate gratification

  25. Which of the following defense mechanism most often used by the physically abusive individual?
  26. a) Transference
    b) Manipulation
    c) Displacement
    d) Reaction formation

  27. Which of these techniques should the nurse teach a client to eliminate intrusive, unwanted thoughts?
  28. a) Reflecting
    b) Clouding/fogging
    c) Thought stopping
    d) Verbalizing the implied

  29. Incidents of child molestation often are revealed years later when the victim is an adult. This can be best explained by the ego defense mechanism of?
  30. a) Repression
    b) Regression
    c) Rationalization
    d) Reaction formation

  31. Strict toilet training before a child is ready will cause problems in personality development because at this age a child is learning to?
  32. a) Satisfy own needs
    b) Identify own needs
    c) Satisfy parent’s need
    d) Live up to society’s expectation

  33. Which approach should the nurse use during crisis intervention?
  34. a) Passive and reflective
    b) Active and goal directed
    c) Future oriented and passive
    d) Interpretive and analytical

  35. Which of the most important assessment data for the nurse to gather from the client in crisis?
  36. a) The client’s work hobbits
    b) Any significant physical health data
    c) A history of any emotional problems in the family
    d) The specific circumstances surrounding the client’s perceived crisis situation

  37. Which one of the following is predisposing factor for disseminated intravascular coagulation?
  38. a) Abruptio placenta
    b) Placenta previa
    c) Gestational diabetes
    d) Pelvic inflammatory disease

  39. The nurse who collaborates directly with the client to establish and implement a plan of care is the?
  40. a) Primary nurse
    b) Nurse Clinician
    c) Clinical specialist
    d) Nurse Coordinator

  41. When a disaster occurs, the nurse may have to treat mass hysteria first. The person or persons to be cared for immediately are those experiencing?
  42. a) Panic
    b) Depression
    c) Euphoria
    d) Depression

  43. When will be that problems with dependence versus independence develop during the stage of growth development?
  44. a) Infancy
    b) School age
    c) Toddlerhood
    d) Preschool age

  45. What stage of development basically concerned with role identification?
  46. a) Oral stage
    b) Genital stage
    c) Oedipal stage
    d) Latency stage

  47. The nurse knows that the resolution of the Oedipus complex takes place when the child?
  48. a) Rejects the parent of the same sex
    b) Introjects behaviors of both parents
    c) Identifies parent of the same sex
    d) Identifies parent of the opposite sex

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