Communicable Disease – ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Questions Part – 6

Communicable Disease Quiz – ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Model Questions Part – 6

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Total Quiz Questions=25
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=125
This MCQs are based on communicable disease related topics. Main goal of ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper Series is to help the staff nurse to prepare upcoming Staff Nurse esic recruitment 2019. The questions are previously asked or important questions repeatedly asking in various government exams.

  1. Infectivity of chicken pox lasts for?
  2. a) Till the last scab fall off
    b) 6days after onset of rash
    c) 3days after onset of rash
    d) till the fever subsides

  3. Secondary attack rate of chicken pox is?
  4. a) 60
    b) 50
    c) 40
    d) 90

  5. Shingles is caused by?
  6. a) Variola major
    b) Varicella zoster virus
    c) CMV
    d) Toxoplasma

    For detailed Explanation and Rationale Watch This Video

  7. Koplik spots are seen in?
  8. a) Prodromal period
    b) Incubation
    c) Eruptive
    d) Convalescent period

  9. Most common cause of death due to measles?
  10. a) Pneumonia
    b) Secondary bacterial infection
    c) Measles encephalitis
    c) Ottitis media

  11. Recommended vaccination strategy for rubella is to vaccinate first and foremost?
  12. a) Women 15-49 yrs
    b) Infants
    c) Adolescent girls
    d) Children 1-14 yrs

  13. Treatment of choice for diphtheria is?
  14. a) Erythromycin
    b) Tetracycline
    c) Colistin
    d) DPT

  15. Most serious complication of measles?
  16. a) Koplik spot
    b) Parotitis
    c) Meningoencephalitis
    d) Nephritis

  17. Most common complication of mumps in children is?
  18. a) Pneumonia
    b) Pancreatitis
    c) Aseptic meningitis
    d) Encephalitis

  19. Incubation period of mumps?
  20. a) 7 days
    b) 10 days
    c) 14 days
    d) 18 days

  21. Which type of sample can be used to isolate poliovirus earliest?
  22. a) Stool
    b) Blood
    c) Throat
    d) CSF

  23. Incubation period of typhoid fever?
  24. a) 10-14 days
    b) 3-5 days
    c) 21-25 days
    d) less than 3 days

  25. Best disinfectant for cholera is?
  26. a) Bleaching powder
    b) Cresol
    c) Coal tar
    d) Formalin

  27. Urban malaria is due to?
  28. a) Anopheles stephensi
    b) Anopheles virus
    c) Culex
    d) Phleobotamus

  29. Rabies free country?
  30. a) China
    b) Australia
    c) Russia
    d) France

  31. Bite of which of the following animals does not result in human rabies?
  32. a) Dog
    b) Horse
    c) Mouse
    d) Cat

  33. Which virus is used to produce rabies vaccine?
  34. a) Wild
    b) Street
    c) Fixed
    d) Live attenuated

  35. Plague is transmitted by?
  36. a) Hard tick
    b) Soft tick
    c) Rat flea
    d) Louse

  37. HIV post prophylaxis should be started within?
  38. a) 24 hr
    b) 48 hr
    c) 72 hr
    d) 6 hr

  39. Most effective to prevent HIV vertical transmission?
  40. a) HAART
    b) Nevirapine
    c) Zidovudine
    d) Elective Caesarean

  41. Which of the following is used to prevent transmission of HIV from infected pregnant mother to new born child?
  42. a) Lamivudine
    b) Nevirapine
    c) Ntavudine
    d) Didanosine

  43. True about post exposure prophylaxis of HIV?
  44. a) Should be given in 5 days of exposure
    b) Single dose of nevirapine prevent mother to child transmission
    c) Given for 2 weeks
    d) Standard protocol is to use any two NRTs with no other drugs

  45. Average incubation period of HIV to AIDS transformation is?
  46. a) 1 yr
    b) 2 yrs
    c) 5 yrs
    d) 10 yrs

  47. In an HIV infected child which vaccine should not be given?
  48. a) DPT
    b) OPV
    c) Hepatitis B
    d) Typhoid vaccine

  49. Window period for HIV infection?
  50. a) 3-12 weeks
    b) 8-20 weeks
    c) 6-24 weeks
    d) None

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