ESIC Staff Nurse Exam 26/02/2019 Shift 4.30-6.30pm Part 3

ESIC Staff Nurse Exam 26/02/2019 Shift 4.30-6.30pm Part 3, Questions 51 -75

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Total Quiz Questions=25
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=125
These Questions are asked on ESIC staff nurse exam 26/2/2019 at 4.30-6.30pm shift, here is third set of 25 nursing questions and answers are included.

  1. The following are the important preoperative nursing care for a patient with benign prostatic hypertrophy, except?
  2. a) Hormonal therapy
    b) Assure nutrition and correct fluid and electrolyte balance
    c) Promoting urinary drainage
    d) Acid-ash diet to treat infection

  3. The drug of choice to treat Bulimia nervosa is?
  4. a) IV glucose 10%.
    b) Benzodiazepines
    c) Antidepressants (Eg. SSRI)
    d) thiamine

  5. Inborn errors of metabolism are the following, except?
  6. a) Phenylketonuria
    b) Turner’s syndrome
    c) Cystic fibrosis
    d) Tay-Sachs disease

  7. Patient with complaints of pain and has redness with swelling at the site of IV, the nurse must?
  8. a) Change IV tubing and solution
    b) Start nasal oxygen
    c) Apply warm moist pack to the reddened area
    d) Stop infusion and remove IV cannula

  9. Behavioral clues of impeding suicide are as follows, except?
  10. a) Hyper vigilance and exaggerated startle response
    b) Becomes energetic after a period of severe depression
    c) Withdraws from social activities and plans
    d) Gives away valuable possessions

  11. False labor manifestations are as follows, except?
  12. a) Abdominal discomfort
    b) Contraction lessen with activity or rest
    c) Cervix progressively effaced and dilated
    d) Contractions irregular

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  13. Potential adverse effects of surgery and anesthesia are as follows, except?
  14. a) Malignant hyperthermia or hypothermia
    b) Myocardial depression, bradycardia, circulatory collapse
    c) Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance
    d) Thrombosis from compression of blood vessels or stasis

  15. Vital statics include the following, except?
  16. a) Education rate
    b) Morbidity and mortality statics
    c) Life expectancy
    d) Birth rate

  17. In the liver bacteria that found their way into portal circulation is destroyed by?
  18. a) Hydrochloric acid
    b) Cilia
    c) Leukocytosis
    d) Kupffer cells

  19. Reye’s syndrome is associated with?
  20. a) Hemolytic transfusion reactions
    b) Biliary colic
    c) Use of aspirin with viral illness
    d) Sickle cell crisis

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  21. Health maintenance program for older people in the community are as follows, except?
  22. a) Home health services
    b) Dietary guidance and food services
    c) Health education
    d) Palliative care

  23. The patient with appendicitis usually exhibit the following clinical manifestations?
  24. a) Pain occurs immediately after eating
    b) Rebound tenderness at the McBurney’s point
    c) Heart burn, regurgitation and dysphogia
    d) Hemetemesis or Melena

  25. The main cause of genital warts(Condylomata Acuminata) is?
  26. a) Human Papilloma virus or HPV
    b) Pelvic inflammatory disease
    c) Herpes simplex virus
    d) Neisseria gonorrhea

  27. Considering the chain of infection, a reservoir might be?
  28. a) An uninfected patient
    b) A contaminated water supply
    c) A tick carrying Lyme disease
    d) Staphylococcus bacteria

  29. Cardiogenic shock is precipitated by?
  30. a) Bacteremia
    b) Myocardial Infarction
    c) Severe allergy
    d) Spinal cord injury

  31. Gestational diabetes increases risk of following, except?
  32. a) Small for date fetus
    b) Macrosomia
    c) Congenital anomalies
    d) Prematurity and still birth

  33. The extracellular fluid includes the following except?
  34. a) Blood, plasma and lymph
    b) Synovial fluid, pericaridial fluid, and pleural fluid
    c) Fluid within the cells
    d) Cerebrospinal fluid and fluid in the interstitial spaces

  35. The patient who has an appointment for a Pap smear should have been instructed?
  36. a) To bring sanitary pad because moderate bleeding may occur
    b) That the procedure takes about 45 minutes
    c) Not to douche or use vaginal medication before rest
    d) That she will know the rest results before leaving the office

  37. When assessing physical development of the five year old, you would find it abnormal if he?
  38. a) Could stack up pile of six blocks
    b) Could jump on one foot a few times
    c) Needed to go up a stairway one step at a time
    d) Could catch a large rubber ball

  39. APGAR score is considered excellent if the score is?
  40. a) 3 – 7
    b) 0 -3
    c) 7 -10
    d) 4 – 6

  41. Bulging sack like lesion filled with spinal cord element is?
  42. a) Meningocele
    b) Myelomeningocele
    c) Spina bifida occulta
    d) Hydrocephalus

  43. Artificially acquired immunity is obtained by?
  44. a) Exposure to a disease
    b) Recovering from a disease
    c) Immunization with antibody response
    d) Being breast fed

  45. Role of community nurse in school health program, except?
  46. a) Assist in communicable disease control
    b) To provide immunization to the children
    c) Assist in screening physical, mental and other special examination of children in school
    d) Assist in school medical examination and follow up

  47. When considering the principle of growth and development, remember that?
  48. a) All children should grow in the same rate, all four year old should weigh within 4 kgs of each other
    b) Most children can run before they walk
    c) Although development occurs in an orderly sequence the rate may vary between individuals
    d) Development occurs evenly, with periods of no growth occurring every third year

  49. The charecteristics of lochia rubra is?
  50. a) Pink/brown with flesh odor
    b) foul odor
    c) Yellow-white
    d) bloody with fleshy odor

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