ESIC Staff Nurse Exam 26/02/2019 Shift 4.30-6.30pm Part 2

ESIC Staff Nurse Exam 26/02/2019 Shift 4.30-6.30pm Part 2(Question 25 – 50)

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Total Quiz Questions=25
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=125
These Questions are asked on ESIC staff nurse exam 26/2/2019 at 4.30-6.30pm shift second part questions starting from 25 to 50, here is second 25 nursing questions and answers are included.

  1. Why it is important for health care providers to monitors the growth and development of the children?
  2. a) Statistical analysis is important for research
    b) Parents need reassurance of professionals to know their children are healthy
    c) Studying group of children helps to determine normal ranges
    d) Early detection of potential problems leads to earlier care and treatment

  3. The major determinants of health?
  4. a) Screening for diseases
    b) Public education and information
    c) Agriculture, food and nutrition
    d) Public works, water, sanitation and housing

  5. Philosophy of Primary Health Care are as follows except?
  6. a) Inter-sectoral approach
    b) Primary prevention
    c) Inter-relationship of health and development
    d) Equity and justice

  7. The normal levels of sodium in plasma is?
  8. a) 600-100 mg/dl
    b) 135-143 mEq/L
    c) 97-106 mEq/L
    d) 90-196 mg/dl

  9. Wearing seat belts, safety helmets and other safety equipments are example for?
  10. a) Holistic health care model
    b) Secondary health promotion behavior
    c) Primary health promotion behavior
    d) Tertiary health promotion behavior

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  11. Which of the following is not a typical difference factor between benign and malignant tumors?
  12. a) Size of the tumor
    b) Growth rate
    c) Cell differentiation
    d) Encapsulation

  13. In what ways could Hepatitis A virus be spread in if one of the kitchen employees is in the reservoir?
  14. a) While he cough out through air borne route
    b) Oral-fecal route, through his hands
    c) If he sustains a cut through blood borne
    d) While he speaks and sneezes, through droplet route

  15. Secondary prevention is?
  16. a) Early detection (diagnosis) of the disease & prompt treatment
    b) Safe water supply, Vector and animal reservoir control
    c) Nutritional counseling
    d) Good living and working condition

  17. To encourage and infant’s cognitive and psychosocial development, parents and other caregivers should?
  18. a) Keep the baby with them at all times so he or she is safe
    b) Firmly explain the rules of acceptable behavior
    c) Give loving, consistent care, including playing
    d) Allow the baby to play alone several hours each day

  19. Standard precaution requires the use of protective eye wear when?
  20. a) There is a danger of body fluids splashing
    b) Invasive procedure are performed
    c) Caring for a patient with cough
    d) When a wound is oozing blood

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  21. When a pulse is irregular, it is best to count the?
  22. a) Apical pulse for 30 seconds
    b) Radial pulse for 30 seconds
    c) Radial pulse for a full minute
    d) Apical pulse for a full minute

  23. Mantoux Test(Purified protein derivative) is significantly positive when the erythema measures?
  24. a) 15mm or greater
    b) 10 -14.9 mm
    c) 5 mm – 10 mm
    d) 3.5 mm – 9.9 mm

  25. A significant predictor of fetal well being is if fetal heart rate is?
  26. a) 120 – 160 beats/min
    b) 160 – 200 beats/min
    c) 100 – 120 beats/min
    d) 180 – 200 beats/min

  27. One cardiac cycle completes in?
  28. a) 0.12 seconds
    b) 0.9 seconds
    c) 0.57 seconds
    d) 0.8 seconds

  29. All elderly tend to be more susceptible to infection because of?
  30. a) Poor nutritional status
    b) Lack of exercises
    c) a decline in immune function
    d) Increased exposure of pathogens

  31. Responses to avoid in therapeutic communication are as follows except?
  32. a) Advice giving
    b) Reflecting and clarifying
    c) Closed-ended questions
    d) Arguing and judgmental responses

  33. Progressing thinning and shortening of cervix is defined as?
  34. a) Expulsion
    b) Contraction
    c) Effacement
    d) Dilation

  35. In Erickson’s theory, adolescent develop a sense of?
  36. a) Initiative
    b) Identity
    c) Industry
    d) Intellect

  37. Rh Negative mother should receive ?
  38. a) Acetylcholinesterase
    b) RhO(D) Immunoglobulin
    c) RhO(M) immunoglobulin
    d) Lecithin/Sphingomyelin

  39. The level of care which is oriented towards the promotion and maintenance of health, the prevention of community disease, the management of common episodic disease and monitoring of stable or chronic conditions?
  40. a) Tertiary care level
    b) Secondary care level
    c) Primary care level
    d) Advanced care level

  41. Example of autosomal recessive inheritance?
  42. a) Cystic fibrosis
    b) Hemophilia
    c) Skeletal disorder
    d) Craniofacial disorders

  43. When dangling the patient at the bedside, monitor for?
  44. a) Malignant hypertension and dizziness
    b) Visual field disturbances and dizziness
    c) Fever from exertion
    d) Orthostatic hypotension and dizziness

  45. Which of the following would not promote trust in the nurse-patient relationship?
  46. a) Fulfilling promises
    b) Maintaining confidentiality
    c) Returning at the stated time
    d) Examining a wound without providing privacy

  47. Complete dilation of cervix to birth of a baby is staged as?
  48. a) Stage 4 of labor
    b) Stage 2 of labor
    c) Stage 3 of labor
    d) Stage 1 of labor

  49. Nurses use the nursing process as a method of?
  50. a) Meeting public expectations of nurses
    b) Meeting the legal requirements and standards in nursing
    c) Planning, organizing and delivering patient care
    d) communicating with patient and families

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