ESIC Staff Nurse Exam 26/02/2019 Shift 4.30 – 6.30pm Part 4

ESIC Staff Nurse Exam 26/02/2019 Shift 4.30-6.30pm Part 4

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Total Quiz Questions=25
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=125
These Questions are asked on ESIC staff nurse exam 26/2/2019 at 4.30-6.30pm shift, here is final part of 25 nursing questions and answers are included. We have covered all 100 nursing questions in 4 parts. Please comment if you need 25 general questions including general awareness, aptitude, reasoning etc.

  1. Which of the following is the most abundant type of blood cells?
  2. a) Thrombocyte
    b) Erythrocyte
    c) Monocyte
    d) Lymphocyte

  3. Positive – definite sign of pregnancy?
  4. a) Quickening
    b) Visualization of fetus by ultrasound
    c) Amenorrhea
    d) Uterine enlargement

  5. The elderly individual is at great risk for dehydration than the middle-aged adult because?
  6. a) the elderly have more muscle mass
    b) Their bodies are almost 80% water
    c) The elderly drinks little fluid
    d) Compensatory mechanism work less efficiently

  7. In rheumatoid arthritis, during the acute phase the values which are significant are?
  8. a) ESR and C-Reactive Protein(CRP) elevation
    b) LFT elevation (Liver Function Test)
    c) RFT elevation (Renal Functional Test)
    d) CBC elevation (Complete Blood Count)

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  9. The Traditional source-oriented narrative type of charting is characterized by all of the following forms, except?
  10. a) Doctor’s progress sheet
    b) Laboratory sheet
    c) Database form
    d) History and physical examination form

  11. Refrigerated breast milk should not be used if it is beyond?
  12. a) 2 weeks
    b) 1 week
    c) 48 hours
    d) 2 months

  13. The brain region which is responsible for coordination of voluntary muscular movement, posture and balance?
  14. a) Medulla oblongata
    b) Cerebral cortex
    c) Cerebellum
    d) Spinal cord

  15. Current jelly like stools containing blood and mucus among 3 months to 3 years old child is suspected to have?
  16. a) Hirshchsprung’s disease
    b) Intussusception
    c) Meckel’s diverticulum
    d) Abdominal hernia

  17. Protective devices are applied snugly, which of the following findings would you be concerned about?
  18. a) Ability move fingers and toes
    b) Quick capillary refill of the nailbeds
    c) Pallor of the nailbeds
    d) Skin that is warm and pink

  19. The reflex action of the toes are indicative of abnormalities in the motor control pathways leading from cerebral cortex is?
  20. a) Romberg test
    b) Achilles reflex
    c) Babinski reflex
    d) Patellar reflex

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  21. The major nutrients involved in fluid balance are?
  22. a) Fats and proteins
    b) Vitamin B9 and magnesium
    c) Potassium and sodium
    d) chloride and carbohydrates

  23. Accumulation of endolymph causing distention and increased pressure within the membranous labyrinth with destruction of sensory cells in the ampulla and cochlea is?
  24. a) Meniere’s disease
    b) Hodeolum
    c) Otitis media
    d) Osteosclerosis

  25. the complications for ventricular septal defect are as follows, except?
  26. a) Endocardititis
    b) Heart failure
    c) Pulmonary hypertension
    d) Cerebral palsy

  27. The most common method of microorganism transfer from one person to another in the hospital setting is prevented by?
  28. a) Washing hands thoroughly and frequently
    b) Changing bed linen daily
    c) Filtering air in the hospital
    d) Disinfecting instruments in special solutions

  29. “Para” is defined as?
  30. a) Born from beginning of 38 to 42 weeks
    b) Number of past pregnancies gone beyond period of viability
    c) Any pregnancy terminates before the period of viability
    d) Total number of pregnancies

  31. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are as follows, except?
  32. a) Tremor
    b) Anxiety and insomnia
    c) Hallucinations
    d) Euphoria

  33. The following are presenting symptoms of patient with catatonic schizophrenia except?
  34. a) Stereotyped position with waxy flexibility
    b) Disorganized behavior and speech
    c) Sudden onset of Mutism
    d) Have dangerous periods of agitation and explosive behavior

  35. The key instruction to be given to the patient and the care giver with epilepsy is as follows, except?
  36. a) Avoid alcohol, smoking, hypoglycemia
    b) Take showers in bath tubs
    c) Take medications daily
    d) Maintain medication and seizure chart

  37. The amount of air passing into and out of the lungs during each cycle of breathing is referred as?
  38. a) Total lung capacity
    b) Vital capacity
    c) Residual volume
    d) Tidal volume

  39. Homan’s sign is used to assess?
  40. a) Deep vein thrombosis
    b) Hypotension
    c) Wound sepsis
    d) hematoma

  41. the most significant characteristics experienced by a patient with depression is?
  42. a) Hypervigilance and nightmares
    b) Depressed mood and loss of pleasure or interest
    c) Aggressive, abusive or violent behavior
    d) Lack of impulse control

  43. The bacteria that retains the stain in Gram’s method of staining is a?
  44. a) Spores of bacteria
    b) Gram positive bacteria
    c) Broad spectrum bacteria
    d) Gram negative bacteria

  45. The three features of a community?
  46. a) Agent-Host-Environment
    b) Location, population and social system
    c) Physical- mental- social
    d) Primary – secondary – tertiary

  47. the classical substance that increase the sensitivity of pain receptors by enhancing the pain-provoking effect of bradykinin is?
  48. a) Encephalin
    b) Nociceptor
    c) Prostaglandins
    d) Endorphins

  49. bipolar disorder are treated with the following medications, except?
  50. a) Lithium
    b) Amphetamine
    c) Carbamazepine
    d) Valproic acid

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