Anatomy & Physiology Quiz Questions

1. _____ refers to two structures which are on the opposite side of the body’s midline (such as the left arm and right arm).
a. Ipsilateral
b. Contra lateral
c. Anterior
d. Posterior

2. _____ cells are moderately long and slender.
a. Epithelial
b. Columnar
c. Nervous
d. Cuboid

3. _____ is a tissue which consists of a single layer of flattened cells which control passage of materials from one side to the other, but provide no protection.
a. Simple squamous cell epithelium
b. Cuboidal epithelium
c. Columnar epithelium
d. Transitional epithelium

4. The major matrix producing cells in bone are called _____.
a. Osteoclasts
b. Chondroblasts
c. Osteoblasts
d. Bone marrow

5. ‘_____’ refers to two structures on the same side of the body’s midline (such as the left arm and left leg).
a. Contra lateral
b. Median
c. Lateral
d. Ipsilateral

6. In humans, “_____” is a synonym for “superior,” but in four-legged animals, it means, “anterior,” because it literally means, “toward the mouth.”
a. Rostral
b. Dorsal
c. Ventral
d. Dorsiflexion

7. The least malignant and most common skin cancer is _____.
a. Basal cell carcinoma
b. Squamous cell carcinoma
c. Melanoma
d. Non-melanoma

8. _____ tissues always form a surface.
a. Connective
b. Epithelial
c. Nervous
d. Adipose

9. Connective tissue is characterized by the presence of a _____ in which the cells are found.
a. Keratin
b. Non-keratin
c. Living matrix
d. Non-living matrix

10. Nervous tissue is characterized by the ability to _____.
a. Protect the underlying tissue
b. Conduct electric signal
c. Absorb nutrients
d. Produce hormones

11. When flat, surface epithelial cells are dead, lack nuclei, and are filled with a tough, cross linked protein, they are _____.
a. Keratinized
b. Non-keratinized
c. Transitional epithelium
d. None of these

12. The major matrix producing cells in cartilage are called _____.
a. Osteoblasts
b. Chondroblasts
c. Chondrocytes
d. Collagen fibers

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