AIIMS NORCET Nursing MCQs Series 2022

AIIMS NORCET Nursing MCQs Series 2022

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1. Identify the suture marked in the image?

a. Sagital suture
b. Coronal suture
c. Frontal suture
d. Lambdoid suture

2. Which among the following are symptoms of acute pyelonephritis?
a. Jaundice and flank pain
b. Costovertebral angle tenderness and chills
c. Burning sensation on urination
d. Polyuria and nocturia

3. Which among the following is associated with hemodialysis?
a. Compartment syndrome
b. Dumping syndrome
c. Disequilibrium syndrome
d. Browns syndrome

4. The sympathetic nervous system triggers which among the following responses?
a. Rest and digest
b. Feed and breed
c. Fight and flight
d. All the above

5. TSH levels in hypothyroidism will be?
a. Normal
b. Depressed
c. Elevated
d. Neutral

6. Where to place the defibrillator paddles?
a. Upper right and left sternal border
b. Upper right and left sternal border
c. Upper right sternal and apex
d. Upper left sternal border and apex

7. Which of the following is the most common side effect of salbutamol therapy?
a. Bradycardia
b. Tachycardia
c. Constipation
d. Diarrhoea

8. Which among the following clinical manifestation can be seen in hypernatremia?
a. Tented skin turgor and thirst
b. Muscle twitching and tetany
c. Fruity breath and Kussmauls respiration
d. Muscle weakness and parasthesia

9. After hemodialysis, the client is most likely to experience?
a. Hematuria
b. Weight loss
c. Increased urine output
d. Increased blood pressure

10. Cauliflower – like warts on the external genitals are signs of?
a. Gonorrhoea
b. Syphyllis
c. Human papilloma virus
d. Genital herpes

11. Procedure to measure intraocular pressure is called?
a. Goniometry
b. Tonometry
c. Opthalmometry
d. Opthalmoscopy

12. Which of the following ways will facilitate communication in hearing impaired patients?
a. Speak frequently
b. Speak loudly
c. Speak directly into the impaired ear
d. Speak in a normal tone

13. Cushings triad is a sign indicative of?
a. Glucocorticoid over activity
b. Severe burns
c. Increased ICP
d. Stress and trauma

14. Which of the following is a sign of lithium toxicity?
a. Weakness
b. Diarrhoea
c. Blurred vision
d. Fecal incontinence

15. Women are more prone to UTIs after menopause due to?
a. High LSH
b. Low LSH
c. Low progesterone level
d. Low oestrogen level

Nursing Questions and Answers 2022

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