World Immunization Day – November 10

World Immunization Day – November 10

Immunization is a mass means of protecting the greatest number of people by reducing the number of susceptible in the community. World Immunization Day is celebrated every year on November 10. This day is celebrated to make people aware of the importance of getting timely vaccinations against vaccine-preventable diseases
It is well to bear in mind that immunizations are not all 100 per cent effective, particularly when an individual is exposed to a large dose of pathogenic organisms.

There are two types of immunization

a)       Active immunization – Vaccines
b)      Passive immunization – Immunoglobulin’s, Antisera, antitoxins

Nursing Quiz

1.Immunobiological substance which produces specific protection against  a disease is?
a). Immunity.
b). Antigen.
c). Vaccine.
d). Immunoglobulin.
2. Most powerful and cost-effective weapons of modern medicine for the prevention of communicable disease?
a). Immunoglobulin.
b). Active immunization.
c). Antitoxin.
d). Hospital.
3. Global immunization programme was launched on?
a). 1950 January.
b). 1974 May.
c). 1980 October.
d). 2000 March.
4. Route of administration of BCG vaccine?
a). Oral.
b). Intradermal.
c). Intramuscular.
d). Subcutaneous.
5. The last stage in polio immunization campaign is?
a). Follow up.
b). Mopping up.
c). Catch up.
d). Survey.
6. The artificial way of creating immunity is known as?
a). Immunization.
b). Sterilization.
c). Mobilization.
d). Standardization.
7. Removing the disease totally from the community, so that not a single case occurs is known as?
a). Vaccination.
b). Immunization.
c). Eradication.
d). Epidemic.
8. Pulse polio programme was first held in India on?
a). 1997 January 08.
b). 1995 December 09.
c). 1977 May 10.
d). 2006 January 24.