Senior Nursing Officer Exam Questions

AIIMS Bhubaneshwar Senior Nursing Officer/Sister Grade 1 Exam conducted on 28/03/2019 memory based 25 questions and answers

AIIMS Bhubaneshwar Sister Grade 1 Exam Questions and Answers

These memory-based nursing questions are asked on 28/03/2019 AIIMS Bhubaneshwar Sister Grade 1/ Senior Nursing Officer Exam. The answers are provisional only, the original answer key will publish on AIIMS Bhubaneshwar website.
WHO initiated right to sight is name of
In a 28 days menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs in following days
which of the following is not a side effect of morphine sulfate
capnography will measure
testosterone secreted by which cells
peripheral vision lost in
thyroxine hormone is secreted by
father of scientific management theory
withdrawal symptom do not occur in case of which medication
which of the following microorganism does not cause vaginitis
normal Hb of neonate is
most suited pelvis for delivery
small pox eradication from the world announced by WHO
neonate is called
optimum fluoride concentration in drinking water
Normal temperature of neonate is
Rural health mission in India started by which committee
which is the largest gland of the human body
Decrease in BMR seen in case of
Which is the largest synovial joint of the human body
measles also called
anosmia means
which of the following is not a symptom of increased ICP
dysmenorrhoea is a
which of the following disease is caused by sugar cane
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AIIMS Bhubaneshwar Sister Grade 1 Exam Questions and Answers
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