AIIMS Bhubaneshwar Senior Nursing Office Exam Questions and Answer

This is the second part of the AIIMS Bhubaneshwar Senior Nursing officer exam conducted on 28/03/2019. The memory-based questions and answers are provisional only. The Original questions will upload at AIIMS Bhubaneshwar Official Website

aiims senior nursing officer exam

AIIMS Bhubaneshwar Senior Nursing Officer Exam Questions Part 2

Which of the following is not true in mastitis
Testis descends into scrotum occurs?
Umbilical cord contains
Providing health education about the environmental hygiene the community people is
Serum hepatitis is also known as
Age related hearing loss
C-4 vertebrae damage cause following symptoms
Carpal tunnel syndrome are occur due to compressed of following nerve
Which of the following disease is autoimmune disease
Which of the following is not a symptom of respiratory distress in neonate
Decreased oxygen in the blood is called
Major artery in the upper limb
Sex ratio defined as
In which food items, bacillus cereus food poisoning occur
Which of the following normal skin variation are not presents in newborn
Which of the following route is not a transmission cause of HIV
Which of the following is a negative symptom
Alcohol intoxication consider at the serum level above
Which is not included in ethical principle
Which of the following condition is abnormal in mouth
Antibodies are produced by following cells
Which of the following is not a visual aid used in health education
Microorganism that cause dental caries
Most dreaded side effect of MOIs
Arterial blood pH
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AIIMS Bhubaneshwar Senior Nursing Officer Exam Questions Part 2
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