Safdarjung Hospital Nursing Officer Exam Answer Key Part -5

Safdarjung Hospital Nursing Officer Exam Provisional Answer Key Part -5

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  1. When performing a postpartum assessment on a patient, a nurse notes that the presence of clots in the lochia, The nurse examines the clots and notes that they are larger than 1 cm, which of the following nursing action is most appropriate?
  2. a) Document findings
    b) Notify the physician
    c) Reassess the client in 2 hours
    d) Encourage increased oral intake of fluids

  3. A nurse in a labor room is performing a vaginal assessment on a pregnant patient in labor.The nurse notes the presence of the umbilical cord protruding from vagina, Which of the following would be the initial nursing action?
  4. a) Place the client in Trendelengburg’s position
    b) Call the delivery room to notify the staff that the client will be transported immediately
    c) Find the closest telephone and stat phone the immediately
    d) Gently push the cord into the vagina

  5. During the ovulation phase of the menstrual cycle, ovulation caused by secretion of?
  6. a) Estrogen
    b) Progesterone
    c) Luteinizing hormone
    d) Follicle stimulating hormone

  7. The large amount of progesterone secreted during the secretory phase of the menstrual cycle is response for?
  8. a) The onset of ovulation
    b) The regulation of menstruation
    c) The incidence of capillary fragility
    d) Sustaining the thick endometrium of the uterus

  9. The hormone responsible for the menstrual cycle are?
  10. a) Gonadotrophins
    b) Estrogen and progesterone
    c) Gonadotrophins and estrogen
    d) Gonadotrophins, estrogen and progesterone

  11. Before a client with syphilis can be treated the nurse must determine the?
  12. a) Portal of entry
    b) Size of the chancre
    c) Existence of allergies
    d) Name of sexual contacts

  13. The final step of the research process for a researcher is to?
  14. a) Utilize the findings
    b) Analyze the data
    c) Interpret the findings
    d) Communicate the findings

  15. Which of the following is not the element of an informed consent?
  16. a) Purpose study
    b) Offer answer only for selected questions
    c) Subject selection process
    d) Alternative procedures if any, are disclosed

  17. Which of the following is not true about the characteristics of good research?
  18. a) Conducted using large amount of funds
    b) Orderly and systematic process
    c) Funding solution of problem
    d) Begin with clearly defined purposes

  19. Translating the message into verbal and non-verbal symbol to communicate the receiver means?
  20. a) Encoding
    b) Decoding
    c) Channel
    d) Feedback

  21. The manager gives incentive for one employee on their extra effort on new project, the power which used in the situation is?
  22. a) Coercive
    b) Reward
    c) Legitimate
    d) Expert

  23. The state of complete disorganization and confusion which leads to loss of identity and direction, It is known as?
  24. a) Equillibrium
    b) Bargaining
    c) Chaos or disruption
    d) Resistance

  25. The assessment method that occur after the patient has been discharged is?
  26. a) Concurrent evaluation
    b) Auditing
    c) Retrospective evaluation
    d) Quality assurance

  27. All the following are the types of conflict except?
  28. a) Intrapersonal
    b) Manifest
    c) Interpersonal
    d) Intragroup

  29. One who knows the ins and outs of the trade?
  30. a) Nothing
    b) Little
    c) Something
    d) The full details

  31. Device for catching is known as?
  32. a) Lock
    b) Zoo
    c) Trap
    d) Rope

  33. Who was the first to use the word “statistics”?
  34. a) Gottfried Achenwal
    b) Prof. Horace Secrist
    c) Croxton and Cowden
    d) Gelan

  35. Which of the following is applied to calculate “The total no. of death occurring in a hospital after 48 hrs. of admission for a period (devided by) total no. of discharge including, Death (minus)Death under 48 hrs. for the same period in a hospital multiplied by 100”?
  36. a) G.D.R
    b) N.D.R
    c) B.T.O.R
    d) B.O.R

  37. In which Century the vital statics was originated?
  38. a) Eighteen Century
    b) Seventeen century
    c) Nineteen century
    d) Sixteen century

  39. Identify the odd term out?
  40. a) Front page express
    b) Composer
    c) Web page editor
    d) World wide web

  41. Different network can be linked using?
  42. a) A remote PC
    b) A router PC
    c) A disk server
    d) Modem

  43. Hypertext is text that?
  44. a) Appears as superscript
    b) Contains links to other document
    c) Appears above normal text
    d) Has images embodies in the text

  45. The domain name in a URL refers to the?
  46. a) Protocol
    b) File name
    c) Server
    d) Directory

  47. Software designed for a specific purpose is called as?
  48. a) System software
    b) compiler
    c) Specific software
    d) application software

  49. Pyknosis characterized by?
  50. a) Nuclear basophilia
    b) Nuclear shrinkage
    c) Nuclear disintegration
    d) Nucleolus disintegration

  51. Mallory’s degeneration seen in alcoholic liver disease is a form of?
  52. a) Hyaline degeneration
    b) Amyloid degeneration
    c) Hydropic degeneration
    d) Fatty degeneration

  53. Severe generalized edema is called as?
  54. a) Myxoedema
    b) Pitting edema
    c) Anasarca
    d) Dependent edema

  55. The activation of caspases is likely to lead to?
  56. a) Apoptotic cell death
    b) Blood coagulation
    c) Mitotic cell division
    d) G1 and S phase of cell cycle

  57. A reduction in the total leucocyte count is called?
  58. a) Leucocytosis
    b) Leukemia
    c) Leucopenia
    d) Leucorrea

  59. Reduced number of platelet is found in all the conditions except?
  60. a) Disseminated intravascular coagulation
    b) Aplastic anaemia
    c) Acute myeloid leukemia
    d) Von Willibrand disease

  61. Normal adult haemoglobin contains?
  62. a) One alpha chain and one beta chain
    b) One alpha and 2 beta chains
    c) One beta and 2 alpha chains
    d) Two alpha and two beta chains

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