Quiz Questions- Poisoning and Its Antidotes

Quiz Questions- Poisoning and It's Antidotes

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The drug Deferoxamine is administered in which drug overdose ?
which is drug of choice in Isoniazid (INH) toxicity ?
Which therapeutic agent is called the universal antidote?
In Organophosphorus poisoning which of the following traditional medicine is used ?
How does the overdose of Benzodiazepines is treated?
Which drug is used in acetaminophen overdose ?
In which poisoning the drug Penicillamine is administered as an antidote ?
In which poisoning the Digibind is used as an effective antidote ?
Which of the following remedy used in the treatment of insulin overdose?
What is the adult dose of naloxone in opioid poisoning?
What medicine is used for treatment of Drug-induced movement disorders?
In which medicine overdose, the Protamine sulfate is administered ?
What you meant by Idiosyncrasy in pharmacology?
Which of the following drug is used as an antidote of anticholinergic poisoning ?
In which medicine overdose the Vitamin K is administered as an antidote ?
What will be the serum lithium level in Lithium toxicity?
Which of the following medicine can be used in severe lead poisoning ?
The Oxygen inhalation is used in the treatment of ………. Poisoning
What medicine is useful to treat mushrooms poisoning?
Quiz Questions- Poisoning and It's Antidotes
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