Quiz Questions- Poisoning and Its Antidotes

Quiz Questions- Poisoning and It's Antidotes

Which of the following drug is used as an antidote of anticholinergic poisoning ?
Which of the following medicine can be used in severe lead poisoning ?
What medicine is used for treatment of Drug-induced movement disorders?
How does the overdose of Benzodiazepines is treated?
What is the adult dose of naloxone in opioid poisoning?
What you meant by Idiosyncrasy in pharmacology?
What will be the serum lithium level in Lithium toxicity?
The drug Deferoxamine is administered in which drug overdose ?
which is drug of choice in Isoniazid (INH) toxicity ?
The Oxygen inhalation is used in the treatment of ………. Poisoning
Which therapeutic agent is called the universal antidote?
In which medicine overdose, the Protamine sulfate is administered ?
In Organophosphorus poisoning which of the following traditional medicine is used ?
In which poisoning the Digibind is used as an effective antidote ?
In which poisoning the drug Penicillamine is administered as an antidote ?
In which medicine overdose the Vitamin K is administered as an antidote ?
What medicine is useful to treat mushrooms poisoning?
Which of the following remedy used in the treatment of insulin overdose?
Which drug is used in acetaminophen overdose ?
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Quiz Questions- Poisoning and It's Antidotes
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