Microbiology – AIIMS Nursing Officer Exam Quiz Series – 3

Microbiology – AIIMS Nursing Officer Exam Practice Questions and Answers Series – 3

Pediatric Nursing Part-1; Click here

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Total Quiz Questions=25
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=125
AIIMS Nursing Officer Exam is the largest recruitment process of nursing officers coming next. So we are planning to help the nurses and nursing student nurses to prepare well for AIIMS exam with a series of nursing questions and answers.

  1. Study of fungus?
  2. A) Phycology
    B) Myology
    C) Mycology
    D) Oncology

  3. Tetany is a disease which affects the functioning of?
  4. A) Skin
    B) Liver
    C) Spleen
    D) Muscular actions

  5. In which part of the eye, image is formed?
  6. A) Retina
    B) Lens
    C) Iris
    D) None of these

  7. Bleeding gums or tooth loss is a symptom of the disease?
  8. A) Glaucoma
    B) Scurvy
    C) Goiter
    D) Beri-beri

  9. Which blood group is without antibodies?
  10. A) O
    B) A
    C) AB
    D) B

  11. S I unit of temperature is?
  12. A) Joules
    B) Celcius
    C) Kelvin
    D) Fahrenheit

  13. Disease which does not affect lungs?
  14. A) SARS
    C) Rabies
    D) Asthma

  15. Which organ is responsible for blood clotting?
  16. A) Brian

    B) Liver
    C) Heart
    D) Lungs

  17. A gland known as the gland of emergency is the?
  18. A) Thyroid
    B) Adrenal
    C) Pituitary
    D) Liver

  19. Night blindness is caused by?
  20. A) Vitamin D
    B) Vitamin B
    C) Vitamin C
    D) Vitamin A

  21. The chemical name of bleaching point?
  22. A) Calcium Hypochlorite
    B) Calcium Sulphate
    C) Silicon Dioxide
    D) Zinc Oxide

  23. Which disease is called GRID?
  24. A) Anthrax
    B) AIDS
    C) SARS
    D) Plague

  25. Dengue fever is a?
  26. A) Fungal disease
    B) Bacterial disease
    C) Viral disease
    D) Protozoal disease

  27. Which of the following is not a bacterial disease?
  28. A) Plague
    B) Syphilis
    C) Mumps
    D) Cholera

  29. Which of the following organ can be donated only by a live donor?
  30. A) Heart
    B) Intestines
    C) Kidney

    D) Eye

  31. Temperature of autoclaving is?
  32. A) 100 degree C
    B) 125 degree C
    C) 121 degree C
    D) 176 degree C

  33. Typhus fever is caused by?
  34. A) Salmonella typhi
    B) Yersinia Pestis
    C) Bordetella Pertussis
    D) Rickettsia Prowazekii

  35. Confirmatory test for TB?
  36. A) Chest X-ray
    B) Mantoux test
    C) FB
    D) Sputum culture

  37. In malaria, carrier person who harbors?
  38. A) Trophozoites
    B) Merozoites
    C) Schizonts
    D) Gametocytes

  39. Confirmatory test for AIDS?
  40. A) ELISA test
    B) Western blot
    C) Shick test
    D) All of these

  41. Infectious mononucleosis is caused by?
  42. A) Klebsiella
    B) Pseudomonas
    C) Streptococcus
    D) Epstein Barr virus

  43. Rh incompatibility can be identified using?
  44. A) VDRL test
    B) PCR test
    C) Coomb’s test
    D) Widal test

  45. “Step ladder” pattern of temperature is observed in?
  46. A) TB
    B) Meningitis
    C) Typhoid fever
    D) Pneumonia

  47. Smallest unit of antigenicity is called?
  48. A) Determent
    B) Epitope
    C) Paratope
    D) Both A & B

  49. Jumping genes are called?
  50. A) Transporters
    B) Transfers
    C) Transposons
    D) Carriers

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