AIIMS Nursing Officer Exam Practice Questions and Answers Series – 2

AIIMS Nursing Officer Exam Practice Questions and Answers Series – 2

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Total Quiz Questions=25
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=125
AIIMS Nursing Officer Exam is the largest recruitment process of nursing officers coming next. So we are planning to help the nurses and nursing student nurses to prepare well for AIIMS exam with a series of nursing questions and answers.

  1. Which of the following nursing intervention is considered the most effective form of universal precautions?
  2. a) Cap all used needles before removing them from their syringes
    b) Discard all used uncapped needles and syringes in an impenetrable protective container
    c) Wear gloves when administering injections
    d) Follow enteric precautions.

  3. While caring for an unconscious patient, what is the first priority for the nurse?
  4. a) Administer IV fluids
    b) Administer Oxygen
    c) Maintain patent airway
    d) Maintain circulation

  5. When bathing a client who is at risk for impaired skin integrity, the nurse will do which of the following things?
  6. a) Use the dehumidifier to lower humidity in the client’s room
    b) Massage well over the client’s bony prominences
    c) Use water at 105 to 110 degree F if the client can tolerate it
    d) Apply moisturizing lotions to clients skin after bathing and drying

  7. Tertiary health care is given in?
  8. a) Medical college hospital
    b) District hospital
    c) Community health center
    d) Primary health center

  9. Which of the following is not an aim of primary prevention?
  10. a) Disability limitation
    b) Specific immunization
    c) Environment sanitation
    d) Use of specific nutrients

  11. An antenatal mother with twin pregnancy for this time and already have one child, This mother is?
  12. a) G2P1
    b) G3P1
    c) G3P2
    d) G1P1

  13. Purulent discharge is the characteristic of?
  14. a) Yellow
    b) Pinkish white
    c) Red
    d) Watery

  15. Rice water stool is the characteristic of?
  16. a) Cholera
    b) Malaria
    c) Chicken gunya
    d) Yellow fever

  17. Urinary tract infection associated with indwelling urinary catheter is called as?
  18. a) Iatrogenic infection
    b) Nosocomial infection
    c) Opportunity infection
    d) Super infection

  19. Which among the following position is used to assess the inguinal hernia?
  20. a) Sit down and bear down
    b) Weight lift
    c) Lithotomy
    d) Standing

  21. Patient want to get LAMA, what is the most appropriate action by the nurse?
  22. a) Don’t allow the patient to go
    b) Restraint the patient until doctor comes
    c) Sign all the necessary documents and provide LAMA
    d) Inform the physician

  23. Among the following which is the largest burn?
  24. a) Anterior upper chest
    b) Face and neck
    c) Right leg
    d) Left arm

  25. In TURP solution used for irrigation is?
  26. a) Glycerol
    b) NS
    c) Sterile water
    d) RL

  27. Which among the following solution is hypotonic?
  28. a) 0.45% NS
    b) 0.95% NS
    c) 3% NaCl
    d) 5%D


  29. Immunoglobulin responsible for allergic reaction is?
  30. a) IgE
    b) IgA
    c) IgM
    d) IgG

  31. In BSE, the position used is?
  32. a) One hand under the head
    b) One hand close to the midline of the body
    c) Sitting position with arm on the lap
    d) Supine with arm on the chest

  33. Bitot spots and xerophthalmia is due to the deficiency of?
  34. a) Vit A
    b) Vit D
    c) Vit E
    d) Vit K

  35. Triage means?
  36. a) To sort
    b) To arrange
    c) To communicate
    d) To allocate

  37. Making arrangement for any item at any point of time to avoid the hindrances in patient care is called as?
  38. a) Inventory
    b) Supervision
    c) Staffing
    d) Leadership

  39. One nurse is responsible for complete care of the patient is known as?
  40. a) Primary nurse
    b) Functional nurse
    c) Duty nurse
    d) In charge nurse

  41. T-cell will mature in?
  42. a) Thymus
    b) Tonsil
    c) Thyroid
    d) Tympanic membrane

  43. Bow leg and wide wrist are the characteristics of?
  44. a) Rickets
    b) Osteomalacia
    c) Polio
    d) CDH

  45. Alcoholic patient blame his family members for his behavior, this is known as?
  46. a) Projection
    b) Regression
    c) Suppression
    d) Denial

  47. A restrained patient said to the nurse that his behavior is under control and now you can remove the restraints , What is the most appropriate nursing action?
  48. a) Remove patient’s restraint
    b) Remove restraint from one hand
    c) Wait for doctor’s to come
    d) Don’t do anything

  49. Z-track method is used while giving IM injection because of?
  50. a) Seal medication
    b) To reduce pain
    c) Easy administration
    d) Fast action

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