Latest Obstetrics & Gynecology Questions and Answers 2022

Latest Obstetrics & Gynec Questions & Answers

1. Find the Principal carbohydrate present in Amniotic fluid?
a. Galactose
b. Glucose
c. Fructose
d. Mannose

2. Which condition is associated with oligohydramnios?
a. Renal agenesis
b. Down’s syndrome
c. Anencephaly
d. Oesophageal atresia

3. Shortest diameter of pelvic outlet?
a. Interspinous
b. Oblique
c. Antero-posterior
d. Transverse

4. Frog eye appearance during USG scan is seen in?
a. Anencephaly
b. Down’ syndrome
c. Patau’ s syndrome
d. Acardia

5. The commonly used ultrasound frequency range in obstetrics for abdominal transducers?
a. 3 – 5 MHz
b. 10 – 13 MHz
c. 1 – 3 MHz
d. 25 – 27 MHz

6. Nuchal translucency in the first trimester indicates?
a. Neural tube defects
b. Chromosomal abnormalities
c. Iron deficiency anemia
d. Hydrocephalus

7. The tubal ring and ring of fire seen in the color Doppler scan are signs of?
a. Multiple pregnancies
b. Ectopic pregnancy
c. Miscarriage
d. Down syndrome

8. What is the lemon sign associated with?
a. Spina bifida
b. Bicornuate uterus
c. Placenta previa
d. Gestaional hypertension

9. Flattening of the fetal cerebral hemisphere seen in ultrasound is known as?
a. Lemon sign
b. Banana sign
c. Craniotabes
d. Chadwick sign

10. —— is a protrusion of the abdominal viscera through a full-thickness abdominal wall defect, usually to the right of the umbilical cord insertion
a. Uterine prolapse
b. Ectopic pregnancy
c. Gastroschisis
d. Inguinal hernia

11. Strawberry skull seen in ultrasound is usually associated with?
a. Hydrocephalus
b. Macrocephaly
c. Trisomy 18
d. Meningitis

12. The Meckel – Gruber Syndrome Triad includes all, EXCEPT?
a. Occipital encephalocele
b. Mitral stenosis
c. Large polycystic kidneys
d. Postaxial polydactyly

13. The 3 P’s of dystocia includes all, EXCEPT?
a. Passenger
b. Passage
c. Power
d. Parity

14. Which one of the following is a famous non-steroidal contraceptive used once a week?
a. Mala N
b. Mala D
c. Centchroman

15. Identify the ultrasound transducer?

a. Linear transducer
b. Curvilinear transducer
c. Vaginal transducer
d. Sector transducer

OBG MCQs and Answers with Rationales

16. Oxytocin is secreted by:
a. Posterior pituitary
b. Anterior pituitary
c. Adrenal medulla
d. Adrenal cortex

17. Human chorionic gonadotropin is produced by:
a. Cytotrophoblast
b. Syncitiotrophoblast
c. Decidua
d. Yolk sac

18. All the following are features of true labor, except:
a. Show is absent
b. Uterine contraction always present
c. Shortened cervix
d. Os progressively dilated

19. After fertilization, implantation bleeding usually occurs after approximately how many days?
a. 14-18 days
b. 2-4 days
c. 20-28 days
d. 6-12 days

20. Posterior perineal trauma involving, the sphincter and anal mucosa falls under:

a. 3° tear

b. 4° tear

c. 1° tear

d. 2° tear

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