Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Special Recruitment Exam (09/07/21) Answer Key

1.Choose the correct statement.
a. Angiotensin II prevents sodium reabsorption.
b. Angiotensin I is physiologically inactive.
c. Angiotensin II is a precursor of Angiotensin I.
d. Angiotensinogen is produced by the kidneys.

2. The axillary tail of mammary gland is known as
a. Vestigial tail
b. Mammary tail
c. Tail of pectoralis
d. Tail of spence

3.The following are the major blood vessels which supply liver except
a. Porta hepatis artery
b. Interlobular artery
c. Hepatic artery
d. Portal vein

4.The anterior end of the corpus callosum is known as
a. The trunk
b. The genu
c. The rostrum
d. The splenium

5. Which is the largest branch of brachial plexus?
a. Medial nerve
b. Ulnar nerve
c. Radial nerve
d. Axillary nerve

6. Free living microbes that live on dead or decaying organic matter are known as
a. Parasites
b. Saprophytes
c. Commensals
d. Pathogens

7. Bacteria with a tuft of flagella at one end are called
a. Lophotrichous
b. Peritrichous
c. Amphitrichous
d. Monotrichous

8. Biohazard symbols on a specimen represent
a. Highly explosive
b. Poisonous and corrosive
c. Volatile and unstable
d. Suspected of having highly contagious diseases

9.The characteristics present on a primary social group is
a. Large size
b. Artificiality
c. Physical proximity
d. Conflicts

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10. The process by which social order is established and maintained is called
a. Social control
b. Socialization
c. Social stratification
d. Social relation

11. Which statement is correct about cognitive dissonance?
a. A theory of attitude change developed by Festinger.
b. A theory based on psychoanalysis.
c. It focuses on instincts and childhood experiences as reason for problems in adulthood.
d. The theory assumes that all the behaviours are learned.

12. According to Freudian psychology,
a. Personality is an adaptation to the environment
b. People are free agents who have control over their choices and actions
c. All the energy used for performing the work of personality is obtained from unconscious instincts
d. The whole of anything is greater than its parts

13. Which psychological theory explains about the ‘‘Schizoparanoid position’’, as part of psychological development?
a. Gestalt theory
b. Cognitive development theory
c. Behaviour theory
d. Object relation theory

14. Which is not a correct statement about stress?
a. During the “alarm reaction stage”, the physiological responses of the “fight or flight syndrome” are initiated.
b. Cognitive appraisal is an individual’s evaluation of the personal significance of the stressful event.
c. Selye called the general reaction of the body to stress the “general adaptation syndrome”.
d. According to Lazarus and Folkman, in primary appraisal of an event, benign-positive outcome is one that holds no significance for the individual.

15.Preventing unacceptable or undesirable thoughts or behaviors from being expressed by exaggerating opposite thoughts or types of behaviors is termed as
a. Regression
b. Reaction formation
c. Rationalization
d. Introjection

16. Ego-ideal and the conscience are two important components of
a. Id
b. Ego
c. Super-ego
d. Temperament

17. Emile Durkheim (1951) studied the individual’s interaction with the society in which he or she lived and described three social categories of suicide. Which of the following term is not included in his theory?
a. Egoistic suicide
b. Societic suicide
c. Anomic suicide
d. Altruistic suicide

18. “I make this choice because it is morally right and my duty to do so.” This statement is an example of a. Ethical egoism
b. Kantianism
c. Utilitarianism
d. Natural law

19. Which is not an ego defense mechanism?
a. Rationalization
b. Obsession
c. Regression
d. Sublimation

20. Consistent individual differences in behavior that are biologically based and are relatively independent of learning, system of values and attitudes is
a. Character
b. Conduct
c. Temperament
d. Personality

21. What is the origin of the serotonin pathways in the brain stem?
a. Ventral tegmental area
b. Substantia niagra
c. Raphe nuclei
d. Gracile fasciculus

22. Euphoria, lethargy, somnolence, apathy, dysphoria, impaired judgment, pupillary constriction, drowsiness, slurred speech, constipation, nausea, decreased respiratory rate and blood pressure are the intoxication features of which substance?
a. Opioids
b. Cannabis
c. Cocaine
d. Phencyclidine

23. What is the most suitable nursing diagnosis for a person who has abuse of alcohol and cannabis, destructive behavior toward others and self, inability to meet basic needs, inability to meet role expectations, risk taking behavior’s?
a. Deficient knowledge
b. Ineffective denial
c. Ineffective coping
d. Chronic low self-esteem

24. Which of the following statements is/are correct about schizophrenia?
i. Autochthonous delusions are characteristic of schizophrenia.
ii. Ambivalence is a symptom under Schneider’s First Rank Symptoms of schizophrenia.
iii. Third person hallucinations are considered to be characteristic of schizophrenia.
iv. Tardive dyskinesia is a clinical feature schizophrenia.
a. i and iii
b. ii and iv
c. ii and iii
d. i and ii

25. Which is/are the correct statement/s related to cognitive psychotherapy?
i. In CBT, patient monitor his or her negative, automatic thoughts.
ii. CBT is based on psychoanalysis.
iii. Free association and abreaction are the techniques used in CBT.
iv. Learn to identify and alter the dysfunctional beliefs.
a. i and iii
b. i and iv
c. iii and iv
d. ii, iii and iv

26. Paralysis of the ocular muscles, diplopia, ataxia, somnolence and stupor are characteristic features of
a. Van Gogh syndrome
b. Opioid withdrawal
c. Dhat syndrome
d. Wernicke’s encephalopathy

27. Criteria for Substance Dependence include all, except
a. Evidence of tolerance
b. Evidence of withdrawal symptoms
c. Strong desire to take the substance
d. Development of motivation to quit the behaviour

28. A delusion of misidentification, characterized by a person’s delusional belief that an acquaintance, usually a spouse or other close family member, has been replaced by an identical looking impostor or several doubles
a. Fregoli syndrome
b. Capgras syndrome
c. Cotard syndrome
d. Todd syndrome

29. Which of the following concept is related to Peplau’s conceptual model ?
a. The supportive-educative nursing system is a system in which the client is able to perform or can and should learn to perform required measures of therapeutic self-care.
b. Nursing can intervene in the client’s response to stress at three levels: primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.
c. A therapeutic or “helping” relationship is established through use of these interpersonal techniques and is based on a knowledge of theories of personality development and human behavior.
d. Nursing practice is directed toward restoring, maintaining, or attaining behavioral system balance at the highest possible level.

30. Which of the following drug is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor?
a. Tranylcypromine
b. Fluvoxamine
c. Escitalopram
d. Bupropion

31. A low pitched rattling sound resembling snoring, heard on auscultation over bronchus is termed as
a. Rales
b. Rhonchi
c. Wheeze
d. Stridor

32. Hypoventilation can lead to
a. Metabolic alkalosis
b. Metabolic acidosis
c. Respiratory acidosis
d. Respiratory alkalosis

33. Normal pH range of blood is
a. 7.35 – 7.45
b. 7.10 – 7.20
c. 7.40 – 7.50
d. 7.5 – 7.9

34. The most preferred site for Intramuscular injection in infants
a. Deltoid
b. Vastus lateralis
c. Dorso gluteal
d. Ventro gluteal

35. Exercises that strengthen muscles and do not require joint movement are called
a. Isotonic
b. Isometric
c. ROM
d. Isokinetic

36. Protecting the rights of client by doing no harm or preventing harm is called
a. Beneficence
b. Autonomy
c. Non-maleficence
d. Justice

37. Hyper resonance during percussion of the lung fields indicate
a. Bronchial asthma
b. Pneumonia
c. Pneumothorax
d. Normal lung

38. The compression ventilation ratio while performing single rescuer adult CPR is
a. 15 : 2
b. 15 : 1
c. 30 : 1
d. 30 : 2

39. First aid measure for sprain
a. Hot compress for 15 minutes
b. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation
c. Massage and ROM exercise
d. Washing in running water

40. Which colour coded container should be used to discard cytotoxic waste?
a. Yellow
b. Red
c. White
d. Black

41. Diet that promotes healing of gastric mucosa is called
a. DASH diet
b. Bland diet
c. Ketogenic diet
d. TLC diet

42. A patient with Buck’s traction for a fractured hip has an order for low molecular weight heparin subcutaneously. This is indicated for
a. Preventing osteomyelitis
b. Maintaining Hb level
c. Preventing DVT
d. Preventing contractures

43. The most potential danger of agranulocytosis that occur due to side effects of medications is
a. Generalized ecchymosis
b. Susceptibility to infection
c. Excessive bleeding
d. Extreme fatigue

44. Romberg’s test is used to assess
a. Ataxia
b. Anosmia
c. Apraxia
d. Agnosia

45. Temporary period of normality in a patient’s neurological status following head injury is called
a. Stupor
b. Delirium
c. Lucid interval
d. Obtundation

46. Cardiac glycosides are drugs used to
a. Lower blood cholesterol level
b. Dilate blood vessels
c. Maintain normal heart rate and rhythm
d. Lower blood pressure

47. While caring a patient suspected for DVT, the nurse should not
a. Administer anticoagulant therapy
b. Maintain strict bed rest
c. Massage or exercise affected limits
d. Elevate foot end of bed

48. The collapse of the alveoli due to obstruction or hypoventilation is called
a. Emphysema
b. Empyema
c. Atelectasis
d. Bronchiectasis

49. Which among the following breathing exercise is most beneficial for a patient with COPD ?
a. Deep breathing
b. Incentive spirometry
c. Pursed lip breathing
d. Cough exercise

50. A contagious disease caused by Treponema pallidum by intimate contact or in utero transmission is a. Gonorrhea
b. Pemphigus
c. Psoriasis
d. Syphilis

51. The mode of transmission of Japanese encephalitis is
a. Droplet Infection
b. Bite of infected mosquitoes
c. Bite of an infected animal
d. Consumption of contaminated water

52. The open vial policy is applied to all vaccines except
a. Measles vaccine
b. DPT vaccine
c. Hepatitis B vaccine
d. TT vaccine

53. The classic triad of congenital rubella syndrome includes except
a. Deafness
b. Cardiac malformations
c. Cataract
d. Polydactyly

54. The number of new cases occurring in a defined population during a specified period of time is
a. Prevalence
b. Epidemic
c. Incidence
d. Pandemic

55. The natural family planning methods include except
a. Menstrual regulation method
b. Billings ovulation method
c. Basal body temperature method
d. Symptothermic method

56. Visual inspection with 5% acetic acid (VIa. is a screening test for
a. Breast cancer
b. Oral cancer
c. Cervical cancer
d. Stomach cancer

57. The continuous scrutiny of the factors that determine the occurrence and distribution of disease is a. Eradication
b. Surveillance
c. Elimination
d. Evaluation

58. Haemorrhagic diseases in new borns is prevented by the administration of
a. Vitamin K
b. Vitamin A
c. Vitamin D
d. Vitamin B2

59. The Body Mass Index is measured by
a. Weight Kg /Height cm 2
b. Height m /Weight Kg 2
c. Height cm /Weight Kg 2
d. Weight Kg/ Height m 2

60. Egg contains all the nutrients except
a. Zinc
b. Iron
c. Vitamin B6
d. Vitamin C

61. The clinical types of protein energy malnutrition according to Wellcome trust classification is
a. Underweight, Kwashiorkor, Marasmus, Marasmic kwashiorkor
b. Mild malnutrition, Moderate malnutrition, Severe malnutrition
c. Wasting, Stunting, Underweight
d. Grade I, Grade II, Grade III, Grade IV

62. Progressive non-bilious vomiting, after feeding in the neonatal period is a classical finding in
a. Malrotation of the gut
b. Meckel’s diverticulum
c. Biliary atresia
d. Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

63. The major complication that may develop during the acute phase of Glomerulonephritis
a. Chronic renal failure
b. Hypertensive encephalopathy
c. Cardiac failure
d. Hepatic failure

64. A congenital heart defect in which, the blood pressure in the legs is much lower than the blood pressure in the right arm
a. Aortic stenosis
b. Coarctation of aorta
c. Truncus arteriosus
d. Pulmonary stenosis

65. If a child with sickle cell disease present with reticulocytopenia, the first consideration should be given to, infection with
a. Human parvo virus B – 19
b. Parainfluenza virus – 3
c. Respiratory syncytial virus
d. Human papilloma virus

66. According to Jean Piaget, the cognitive developmental stage of a pre-schooler is
a. Pre-operational
b. Formal operational
c. Concrete operational
d. Pre-conventional

67. The blood studies of a child with maple syrup urine disease shows
a. Elevated level of galactose
b. Reduced level of galactose
c. Elevated level of valine
d. Reduced level of valine

68. Scoliosis is a condition characterized by
a. Outward curvature of spine
b. Lateral curvature of spine
c. Inward curvature of spine
d. Fracture of spine

69. A disorder in which there is problem with reading despite normal intelligence is
a. Dysarthria
b. Dysgraphia
c. Dyscalculia
d. Dyslexia

70. Which of the following statements is/are correct about Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative ?
i. Hospital should have a written breast feeding policy.
ii. Initiate breast feeding within four hours of birth.
iii. Encourage breast feeding on demand.
a. Only ii and iii
b. Only i and iii
c. Only i and ii
d. All the above i, ii and iii

71. Presence of gas in the foetal large vessels is known as
a. Robert’s sign
b. Spalding’s sign
c. Ball sign
d. Palmersign

72. Which of the following foetal factor is a cause for Oligohydramnios ?
a. Oesophageal atresia
b. Anencephaly
c. Renal agenesis
d. Gastroschisis

73. Which of the Antituberculous drug is contraindicated in pregnancy?
a. Ethambutol
b. Streptomycin
c. Pyrazinamide
d. Rifampicin

74. In pelvic organ prolapse laxity of lower third of anterior vaginal wall results in
a. Urethrocele
b. Cystocele
c. Rectocele
d. Enterocele

75. In Assisted Reproductive Technology, which drug is used for ovulation induction?
a. Cyclophosphamide
b. Methotrexate
c. Clomiphine citrate
d. Mesoprosol

76. Oval shaped brim is characteristic of which pelvis ?
a. Android pelvis
b. Anthropoid pelvis
c. Platypelloid pelvis
d. Gynaecoid pelvis

77. Which of the following statement is false regarding assisted breech delivery?
a. Keep baby’s back always posterior
b. Baby should be held only by femoropelvic grip
c. Avoid traction to deliver breech
d. A loop of cord should be drawn down

78. During uterine contraction, the upper pole contracts and retracts while lower pole contracts and dilates. This co-ordination between the upper and lower pole of the uterus is termed as
a. Vis-a-tergo
b. Retraction
c. Fundal dominance
d. Polarity

79. Moulding of foetal skull ++ and vertex at +2 station in a partogram indicates
a. Overlapping of skull bones, but reducible and vertex 2 cm above the ischial spines
b. Overlapping of skull bones, but reducible and vertex 2 cm below the ischial spines
c. Overlapping of skull bones but not reducible and vertex 2 cm below the ischial spines
d. Overlapping of skull bones but not reducible and vertex 2 cm above the ischial spines

80. Fundus of the uterus is palpated at the level of umbilicus at which weeks of pregnancy ?
a. 12th
b. 24th
c. 36th
d. 40th

81. The most important goal for conducting nursing research
a. Provide accountability for nursing practice
b. Promote evidence based nursing practice
c. Promote cost efficiency of nursing care
d. Procure higher academic qualification in nursing

82. Which form of reasoning proceeds from general to specific ?
a. Deductive reasoning
b. Inductive reasoning
c. Positive reasoning
d. Objective reasoning

83. “By education I mean all round drawing out of the best in child and man – body, mind and spirit.” These are the words of
a. Swami Vivekananda
b. Pestalozzi
c. Rabindranath Tagore
d. Mahatma Gandhi

84. Which among the following is the best example for self paced learning method ?
a. Microteaching
b. Simulation
c. Programmed instruction
d. Role play

85. Which among the following is not a measure of dispersion ?
a. Mode
b. Range
c. Mean deviation
d. Standard deviation

86. Sampling error can be minimised by
a. Selecting large sample based on convenience sampling
b. Selecting small sample based on convenience sampling
c. Selecting large sample based on random sampling
d. Selecting sample by snowball sampling

87. ____________ technique uses several rounds of questions to seek consensus on a particular topic from a group of experts.
a. Semantic differential scaling technique
b. Q sort technique
c. Projective technique
d. Delphi technique

88. ____________ is the plan of how the research study will be conducted.
a. Research process
b. Research design
c. Pilot study
d. Data analysis

89. __________ occurs when study participants respond in a certain manner because they are aware that they are being observed.
a. Maturation
b. Instrumentation
c. Hawthorne effect
d. Mortality

90. The type of reliability which addresses the extent to which all the items in an instrument measures the same variable
a. Internal consistency
b. Interrater reliability
c. Stability
d. Equivalence

91. Example of a single use plan
a. Policy
b. Programme
c. Tactical plan
d. Strategic plan

92. Civil wrong committed by one person against another
a. Felony
b. Misdemeanor
c. Veracity
d. Tort

93. Select an ‘on the job’ training method.
a. Job rotation
b. Workshop
c. Vestibule training
d. Seminar

94. Most preferred leadership style in recent times
a. Autocratic
b. Democratic
c. Transformational
d. Transactional

95. Fidelity means
a. Accountability
b. Striving to keep promises
c. Falsehood
d. Immorality

96. The number of sub-ordinates, a supervisor can effectively supervise is referred to as
a. Unity of command
b. Hierarchy
c. Gang plank
d. Span of control

97. Statement of organisation’s long term aspiration
a. Vision
b. Mission
c. Ethics
d. Philosophy

98. Consumable items are generally termed as
a. Disposables
b. Supplies
c. Surgical goods
d. Stationery

99. An inventory management technique based on criticality of item
a. ABC analysis
b. HML analysis
c. VED analysis
d. FSN analysis

100. Primary health centres were developed in India under the recommendation of
a. Mudaliar Committee
b. Bhore Committee
c. Mukherjee Committee
d. Chadah Committee

Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Questions and Answers

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