Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Exam Questions and Answers

Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Exam Questions and Answers

1. After a splenectomy, which of the following assessments is a nursing priority?
a. Drainage on client’s dressing
b. Client’s BP
c. Client’s pupillary reaction
d. Quality of respiration

2. Which of the following condition is most at risk for thromboembolism?
a. A 55 year old client with osteoporosis
b. A 60 year old client in traction
c. A 15 year old adolescent with inflamed knee
d. A 20 year old young adult with weight loss

3. Which of the following condition is a client most at risk for post-cholecystectomy?
a. Tetany
b. Curling’s ulcer
c. Hypostatic pneumonia
d. DVT

4. The parents of a child diagnosed with Cooley’s anaemia should be referred to?
a. Audiologist
b. Endocrinologist
c. Geneticist
d. Physical therapist

5. Which of the following sounds auscultated in the different parts of the body is abnormal?
a. Vascular sound in the abdomen
b. Clear breath sound in the chest
c. S3 sound in the sternum of paediatric client
d. Growling sounds in the abdomen

6. Which of the following assessment parameters should the nurse monitor in a client receiving opioids?
a. Heart rate
b. Temperature
c. Urine output
d. Respiratory rate

7. A client received 200 ml of tube feeding. The nurse can administer the next feeding if there is?
a. Gastric residual volume of 150 ml
b. Gastric residual volume of 80 ml
c. Gastric residual volume of 120 ml
d. Gastric residual volume of 200 ml

8. Which of the following should be avoided for a client with GERD?
a. Milk
b. Egg
c. Coffee
d. Vegetables

9. A client has an albumin level of 2.8 mg/dl. Which of the following nursing diagnosis is a priority?
a. Fluid volume excess
b. Fluid volume deficit
c. Electrolyte imbalance
d. Pain

10. The client was admitted with multiple somatic complaints. Client’s lab results are as follows: Na+: 146 mEq/L, K: 3.2 mEq/L, Glucose: 180 mg/dl, Oxygen saturation: 93%, Which of the following doctor’s order should the nurse question?
a. Low sodium diet
b. Lasix in the morning
c. Blood sugar monitoring twice a day
d. Oxygen at 2 – 3 L/min

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Kerala PSC Model Questions

1. During electro-convulsive therapy the client receives oxygen by mask via positive pressure ventilation. The nurse assisting with this procedure knows that positive pressure ventilation is necessary because?
a. Anaesthesia is administered during the procedure
b. Muscle relaxation given to prevent injury during seizure activity depress respiration
c. Decrease oxygen to the brain increases confusion and disorientation
d. Grand mal seizure activity depresses respiration

2. Ability to think logically, act rationaly and deal effectively is known as?
a. Insight
b. Judgement
c. Abstraction
d. None of these

3. Withdrawal from pleasurable activity is termed as?
a. Apathy
b. Ambivalence
c. Anhedonia
d. Both a and b

4. Moderate elevation of mood is called?
a. Exaltation
b. Elation
c. Ectasy
d. Euphoria

5. A patient uses rhythmic way like cat, mat, rat, etc. is an example of which symptom?
a. Clang association
b. Echolalia
c. Perseveration
d. Verbigeration

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