Important Nursing Questions and Answers

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Every nursing exam is different, but over the years many typical nursing exam questions have been asked. We’ve compiled a list of the most important nursing exam questions likely to be asked

Important Nursing Questions and Answers Part - 1

Detention of well persons who have come in contact with infectious disease for a period equal to the longest incubation period of the disease is known as?
The nerve involved in Carpal-Tunnel syndrome?
Which type of anemia is caused by the absence of cyanocobalamin?
Which is not an ingredient of oral re-hydration solution?
Water logging in tissues termed as ?
Stirrup shaped bone in human ear?
How much temperature difference between axillary and rectal temperature?
The defense mechanism in which people goes back to childhood practice?
Which is not a modified Jone’s criteria for diagnosing rheumatic fever?
Largest gland in human body?
When should the Rh anti-D immunoglobulin is administered intramuscularly to a Rh negative unimmunized mother following child birth?
The formula for converting Fahrenheit scale to Celsius scale?
What is the color of meconium stained amniotic fluid?
Which condition is known as housemaid’s knee?
In which of the following nutrient, nitrogen is a major building block?
In which test, Holding the hips and knees at 90° flexion, a backward pressure is applied while adducting hips, the femur head is felt slipping out of the acetabulum with a click sound?
A positive sign of pregnancy?
Deficiency of calcium in adult human body results in ?
The pressure of cerebrospinal fluid?
Which of the following is the right formula for calculating Body Mass Index or BMI ?
Important Nursing Questions and Answers Part - 1
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