IGNOU Post BSc Nursing Entrance Exam 2019 Provisional Answer Key

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IGNOU PBSc Entrance Exam 10/11/2019

IGNOU or Indira Gandhi National Open University conducted the entrance examination on 10/11/2019 for Post Basic BSc Nursing 2020 Course. Here are the provisional answer keys of the exam, but the official answer key is not yet published
The essential blood investigations to be done for pregnant woman during antenatal period?
Rabies is caused by?
Development in children refers to one of the following
One of the following scientist demonstrated transmission of malarial parasites by bite of Anopheles mosquito is?
DOTS therapy was started under?
The continuous bleeding after 2nd stage of labor is due to?
An instrument used to measure intraocular pressure?
Task-oriented approach of nursing care delivery is?
A patient suffered from stroke and is unable to communicate. This is called?
The diabetes mellitus in younger children or school aged children is known as?
Average systolic blood pressure in healthy adult is?
Common type of fracture among children is?
Midbrain (brain stem) contains the center for?
One of the following bacteria have capabilities to form spores is?
All of the following organs have involuntary muscles except?
UNICEF was established for improving?
Dysphasia is a defect that cause difficulty in?
Bradycardia is when pulse is?
The following features are characteristic of antisocial personality, except?
Which of the following foods are recommended for maniac patients?
All are the responsibilities of organization, except?
Dark and tarry color stool is termed is?
The client has recently returned from having thyroidectomy. The nurse should keep which of the following at bedside?
The hormone responsible for the ejection of breast milk?
Most newborns pass urine by one of the following time period?
Which of the following is an anticraving drug?
Which of the following is the first step of mental status examination?
Fear of height?
When a baby loses heat due to contact with a colder subject it is called heat loss through process of one of the following?
Identity Vs Role confusion as psychosocial crisis is in which stage of development?
A neurological condition characterized by paroxysmal recurrent neuronal discharge from nervous tissue resulting in seizure is called?
Which of the following best suits a patient exhibiting flight of ideas?
The most favorable fetus presentation for normal vaginal delivery is?
During normal pregnancy, the blood pressure is?
The Four 'A's of Schizophrenia include all, except?
Most common identified viral pathogen that causes diarrhea?
Which of the following is not the quality of a good leader?
You are a nurse assigned in recovery room or post-anesthetic care unit. The main priority of care in such area is?
Psychosocial theory of development was proposed by?
One of the following actions must be taken by the nurse if patient with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy requires assistance in cutting nails?
Perseveration is?
Freedom from bias in a tool stands for its?
One of the greatest danger in giving morphine sulphate during labor is?
Artificial caput raised by vacuum extract is?
Which of the following is an ineffective/ non-therapeutic communication?
Positive symptom of schizophrenia?
Fundamental unit of society is?
The client who has the highest risk Bacteremia is?
Most appropriate stage of development in which boys and girls starts showing interest in opposite sex is?
Institution which exercises monopoly over the legitimate use of power is called?
Weight of a baby at 12 months should be?
All are essential requisites for mailed questionnaire, except?
Main cause of gingival bleeding includes?
The most common cause of dementia is?
Behavioral therapy techniques include all, except?
The changing focus of Pediatric Nurse is on one of the following?
Early marriage of girls leads to?
The danger of convulsion in a woman with pre-eclamptic toxaemia ends?
The blood vessels in the umbilical cord consists of?
When the urethral opening is situated on ventral side of the shaft of penis, it is called as?
Study of time and place of distribution of disease is called?
The reagent used for urine sugar test is?
white plaques on the mucus membrane, gums and tongue is found in?
The average length of the umbilical cord is?
The repair of cleft palate should be preferred around one the following timing after birth?
Nurse administer cleansing enema, the common position for this procedure is?
Pathological repetition by imitation of the behavior of another person is termed as?
Disease caused by deficiency of vitamin D is called?
Diagnostic procedure done for heart disease is?
Physiological anemia during pregnancy is a result of?
A normal environment for a dementia patient must have?
External auditory canal can be straightened most appropriately by pulling the pinna?
In case of ventriculoperitoneal shunt, a nurse should look for one of the following?
The burn area in children above the age of 10 years is estimated by one of the following?
A nurse should delegate task to?
Isolation of healthy person for a period of time equal to longest incubation period of a disease?
Causative organism of roundworm infestation is?
Infrequent, irregular and painless contractions felt on abdominal palpation during pregnancy are termed as?
When trying to make an ethical decision, the nurse understands basis for ethical reasoning is?
Proteins energy malnutrition leads to?
Sudden outbreak of a disease in specific community is?
Most appropriate sequence of Maslow’s Hierarchy needs includes?
The process of destroying microorganism including spores is?
You are preparing for Tuberculin(Mantoux) skin test to a client suspected of having TB. The nurse knows that the test will reveal which of these?
Common cause of airway obstruction in an unconscious patient is?
Which of the following is the appropriate route for administration of insulin?
When should prescribed antibiotics be administered to septicemic patient?
Comparing present study finding with existing literature is included in?
Most sensitive index of health of a community?
All of the following are causes of Type 1 (Hypoxemic) respiratory failure; except?
Examination of Rectum is done by use of?
Depression is characterized by all, except?
Subperiostial collection of blood due to compressive force on fetal skull leading to swelling of head is known as?
Classic symptoms of dehydration includes all except?
Wound care management plan must be done for which of the following types of wounds?
The patient can be selected for crutches depending on the following except for?
Mrs. Smith is receiving blood transfusion after total hip replacement. After 15 minutes, you went back to check her vital signs and she complained of high temperature and back pain. This may indicate?
All of the following finer motor skills develop during early childhood except?
All of the following are primary sources of data, except for?
Bed cradle is used for?
A false irrational unshakable belief is called?
Pulse Polio Immunization was launched in India
The most dilated portion of the digestive system is?
All of the following are the measures during the postpartum period to prevent engorgement of breast,except?
Generalization of findings, greatly depends on sample being?
Child starts crawling at?
Nursing management for a woman with prolapsed cord would be to?
Primary focus of manager in a health care work environment is to?
Rectal temperature is higher than oral temperature by?
Isotonic saline means, saline having concentration of?
The body system that collects processes and responds to information using electrical signals is?
Key competencies for effective collaboration are?
The most important pelvic inlet diameter through which the fetal head passes during birth?
Head circumference of newborn baby is larger than chest circumference by one of the following?
Documentation must be done?
Most of the conceptual work in Nursing is actually in form of?
Historical research has the following characteristics, except?
BCG vaccine is given?
The process to attend & react to a stimulus is known as?
Which cells decrease drastically in patient who is affected by AIDS?
IGNOU PBSc Entrance Exam 10/11/2019
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