Digestive System Questions | GI System Questions

Digestive System Questions

  1. The approximate length of large intestine?
  2. 2 feet
    5 feet
    3 feet
    4 feet

  3. The appendix is located in?
  4. The left antecubital fossa
    The left iliac fossa
    The right antecubital fossa
    The right iliac fossa

  5. Which of the following sphincter does not prevent reflux of material?
  6. Lower oesophageal sphincter
    Gastro duodenal sphincter
    Ileo-colonic sphincter
    Internal anal sphincter

  7. The gastric juice is produced by?
  8. LIver

  9. Chief cells of gastric glands secrete?
  10. Mucus
    Intrinsic factor

  11. Patient is scheduled for ileostomy to treat ulcerative colitis, this is done to?
  12. Prevent possible perforation from colitis
    Decrease liquid faeces
    Control the odour from the diarrhea
    Prevent intestinal diarrhea

  13. Vagotomy is a surgical treatement for?
  14. Peptic ulcer
    Nerve disorder

  15. All are true regarding H. pylori infection except?
  16. Is gram positive bacteria
    Is eradicated by triple therapy
    Produces urease enzymes
    Causes maltoma tumour

  17. The patient with appendicitis usually exhibits the following clinical manifestaion?
  18. Rebound tenderness at the McBurney’s point
    Pain occurs immediately after eating
    Heartburn regurgitation and dysphagia

  19. The nurse should institute which measure to prevent transmission of the hepatitis C Virus?
  20. Administering hep. C vaccine to all health care personnel
    Decreasing contact with blood and blood-contaminated fluids
    Wearing gloves when emptying bedpan
    Wearing a gown and mask when providing direct care

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Digestive System Questions and Answers

  1. Which precautions should the healthcare team observe when caring for clients with hepatitis A?
  2. Gowning when entering a client’s room
    wearing a mask when providing care
    Assigning the client to a private room
    Wearing gloves when giving direct care

  3. Which position would be appropriate for a client with severe ascitis?
  4. Fowler’s
    Reverse Trendlenburg

  5. The nurse is assessing a client who is in the early stages of cirrhosis of the liver.Which focused assessment is appropriate?
  6. Peripheral edema

  7. Interferon alfa-2b has been prescribed to treat a client with chronic hepatitis B. The nurse should assess the client for which common adverse effect?
  8. Retinopathy
    Flu-like symptoms

  9. A client with cirrhosis is receiving lactulose. The nurse notes that the client is more confused and has asterixis. The nurse should?
  10. Assess for gastrointestinal bleeding
    Withhold the lactulose
    Increase protein in the diet
    Monitor serum bilirubin level

  11. The nurse is teaching a client with hepatitis A about preventing transmission of the disease. The nurse focus teaching on?
  12. Proper food handling
    Insulin syringe disposal
    Use of condoms

  13. A client has a positive serologic test for anti-HCV. The nurse should instruct the client?
  14. How to self-administer alpha interferon
    That the HCV will resolve in approximately 3 months
    That a follow-up appointment for HCV genotype testing is required
    To take alpha-interferon as prescribed

  15. Which finding is normal for a client during the icteric phase of hepatitis A?
  16. Tarry stools
    Yellowed Sclerae
    Shortness of breath
    Light, frothy urine

  17. The nurse should monitor the client with acute pancreatitis for which complication?
  18. Heart failure
    Duodenal ulcer

  19. Which among the following is the sign of portal hypertension?
  20. Asterixis
    Elevated blood pressure

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