Diagnostic Tests & Normal Values-Nursing Quiz Questions

Diagnostic tests, lab values, blood test normal values, assessment of blood test values, etc are very important. The Nursing exam Questions without this topic are rare. And it will be useful for nursing school exams, nursing interview, etc

Diagnostic Test & Normal Values - Nursing Quiz Questions

In the hot test for urine sugar, the yellowish color change represents?
Normal Fasting Blood Sugar value?
The normal concentration of serum bilirubin ranges from?
Specimen used for Occult Blood?
What is the normal portal vein pressure?
Which of the following test is more specific for myocardial damage?
Which of the following abnormal blood value would not be improved by dialysis?
Which of the hematocrit values expected in a dehydrated male client?
What is the normal glomerular filtration rate?
What is the pH of intestinal Juice?
Which of the following is to be evaluated in order to assess risk for cardiovascular disease?
Which of the method or test is used for hemoglobin estimation?
What is the average amount pleural fluid in the pleural cavity?
Which is a good cholesterol?
Which of the following is assessed by Simon – Binet test ?
Test used to assess adequacy of chlorination of water?
How much amount of amniotic fluid normally seen at term?
Mantoux test is the sensitivity test for?
Dragendorff’s test is used to detect?
Which oncogenes are usually present in carcinoma of breast?
Diagnostic Test & Normal Values - Nursing Quiz Questions
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