Community Health Nursing MCQs 2022

Community Health Nursing MCQs 2022

1. Epidemiological triad are all included, except?
a. Host
b. Environment
c. Agent
d. Investigator

2. Zero incidence is?
a. Elimination of disease
b. Eradication of disease
c. Elimination of infection
d. Eradication of infection

3. Immunization is?
a. Primary prevention
b. Secondary prevention
c. Tertiary prevention
d. Disability prevention

Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Questions and Answers

4. ‘Silent epidemic’ of the century is?
a. Coronary artery disease
b. Chronic liver disease
c. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
d. Alzheimer’s disease

5. The disease imported in a country, which was not otherwise present?
a. epornithic disease
b. zoonotic disease
c. exotic disease
d. epizootic disease

6. First case comes to notice of physician?
a. Primary case
b. Index case
c. Secondary case
d. Refer case

7. The freshly prepared ORS should not be used after?
a. 6 hours
b. 12 hours
c. 18 hours
d. 24 hours

8. What Number of sputum specimens collected to diagnose Tuberculosis in DOTS is?
a. 3
b. 2
c. 1
d. 4

9. Flaccid paralysis, fever, sore throat, constipation are the manifestations of?
a. Diphtheria
b. Tuberculosis
c. Polio
d. Renal Tumour

10. The humeral immunity is based on?
a. Production of antigen
b. Production of antibodies
c. Formation of vaccines
d. All the above

11. Rashes of chickenpox first appears on?
a. Trunk
b. Face
c. Arm
d. Legs

12. Rashes of measles first occur on?
a. Trunk
b. Face
c. Hands
d. Legs

Emergency Medications – Emergency Drugs MCQs

13. Blood sample from a patient with malaria should be collected?
a. At the peak of fever
b. After taking meal
c. When fever is just started
d. When temperature is normal

14. Sunken eyes, hollow cheeks, subnormal temperature, decrease urine output, washer man’s hands are the features of?
a. Measles
b. Dehydration
c. Polio
d. Over hydration

15. The aldehyde test of napier is used for the diagnosis of?
a. Measles
b. Dengue
c. Kala azar
d. Pneumonia

16.Injectable contraceptives are usually administered through?
a. IM route
b. SC route
c. IV route
d. ID route

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