Community Health Nursing – Malaria Related MCQs

Community Health Nursing – Malaria Related MCQs

1. Incubation period of plamodium vivax is?
a. 5 -7 days
b. 7-10 days
c. 10 – 14 days
d. 15 – 30 days

2. Malarial parasite in India are all except?
a. P. Vivax
b. P. Falciparum
c. P. Ovale
d. P. Malariae
e. None of these

3. Plasmodium species known for Relapses in Malaria is?
a. Vivax, Falciparum
b. Falciparum, Malariae
c. Vivax, Malariae
d. Vivax. Ovale

4. Specific content in malaria vaccine is?
a. Gametocytic protein
b. Polysaccharide sheath
c. Sporozoite protein
d. Lipoprotein envelop

5. Species of anopheles causing malaria in Andaman & Nicobar Island?
a. Anopheles stephensi
b. Anopheles dirus
c. Anopheles culcifacies
d. Anopheles epiroticus

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6. Extrinsic Incubation Period of plasmodium is?
a. 7-10 days
b. 10 – 20 days
c. 20 -25 days
d. 21 – 30 days

7. Throughout the country every year anti-malaria month is observed during the month of?
a. July
b. January
c. June
d. December

8. Malaria recrudescence is?
a. Resistant to treatment
b. Relapse of infection
c. Relapse in vivax and ovale
d. Reappearance of sexual stage parasitaemia after treatment

9. Chemoprophylaxis of Malaria can be done by all except?
a. Chloroquine
b. Mefloquine
c. Proguanil
d. Primaquine

10. API is?
a. Annual parasitic index
b. Average parasitic index
c. Animal parasitic interval
d. Annual parasitic incidence

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Community Health Nursing – Malaria Related MCQs

3. Relapses in Malaria
Vivax and Ovale malaria relapse generally after 3 years after first attack
Recurrences of Falciparum disappear within 1-2 years
Malariae has tendency to cause prolonged, low-level, asymptomatic parasitaemia

6. Extrinsic Incubation Period of Plasmodium
Period for development of parasite from Gametocyte to Sporozoite stage in body of mosquito

7. Anti-malaria month is observed every year in month of June prior to onset of monsoon and transmission season to enhance awareness and encourage community participation

8. Malaria recrudescence
Reappearance of sexual stage parasitaemia after treatment as shown by Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium malariae

10. Annual parasitic incidence (API) is a sophisticated measure of malaria incidence in a community

API = (Confirmed cases during one year / Population under surveillance) x 1000

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