25 Easy Nursing & General Knowledge Questions and Answers

25 Easy Nursing & GK Questions

1. Passive immunity is obtained by injecting?
a. Vaccines
b. Antibiotics
c. Antibodies
d. Antigens

2. Exchange of gases between the blood and the cell is?
a. Oxygenation
b. External respiration
c. Internal respiration
d. Excretion

3. The area which is known as blind spot of the human body is?
a. Macula lutea
b. Fovea centralis
c. Optic disc
d. Cons

4. Drug of choice in theophylline poisoning is?
a. Hydrocortisone
b. Phenobarbitone
c. Thryroxine
d. Codeine

5. Who is the CEO of Tesla motors?
a. Jeff Bezos
b. Elon Musk
c. Talulah Riley
d. Justine Musk

6. Vasodilation of blood vessels of skin causes?
a. Heat loss
b. Heat production
c. No effect on heat loss or production
d. Hypertension

7. Anterior pituitary is also known as?
a. Adenohypophysis
b. Neurohypophysis
c. Stalk
d. Intermediate lobe

8. Fentanyl is?
a. An antiepileptic
b. A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug
c. An antitubercular drug
d. A synthetic opioid

9. A drug that relieves itching is?
a. Antiseptics
b. Antipruritic
c. Anti-infective
d. Anti-inflammatory

25 Easy Nursing Questions and Answers

10. Which of the following disease is also known as Hansen’s disease?
a. Tuberculosis
b. Gonorrhoea
c. Syphilis
d. Leprosy

11. In following which is not a sexually transmitted disease?
a. Chancroid
b. Syphilis
c. Fibroid uterus

12. Causes of urinary retention are following, except?
a. Urethral obstruction
b. Pressure on the bladder by fecal impaction
c. Poor fluid intake
d. Use of diuretics

13. Taste buds of sweet and salty tastes are found?
a. At the tip of tongue
b. At the sides of tongue
c. At the back of tongue
d. At all sides of tongue

14. The International Tiger Day is celebrated on?
a. July 29
b. July 31
c. August 1
d. August 3

15. A substance which causes a rise in body temperature is called?
a. Pathogen
b. Pyrogen
c. Allergen
d. None of these

16. Paul – Bunnel test is used to detect?
a. Infectious mononucleosis
b. Rheumatic fever
c. Arthritis
d. TB

17. The diagnostic aid which is done in case of meningitis is?
a. Thoracentesis
b. Abdominal paracentesis
c. Lumbar puncture
d. Bronchoscopy

AIIMS NORCET & JIPMER Nursing Officer Exam Questions and Answers

18. In a female with infertility, which drug is used to induce ovulation?
a. Clomiphene citrate
b. FSH
c. GnRH
d. All of these

19. Which Indian won the first gold medal in Common Wealth Game 2022?
a. Bindyarani Devi
b. Mirabai Chanu
c. Gururaja Poojary
d. Neeraj Chopra

20. Prolonged suctioning of the tracheostomy may cause?
a. Anorexia
b. Nausea & Vomiting
c. Hypoxia & Cardiac arrest
d. Myocarditis & endocarditis

21. Which country holds Guinness world record in fastest road construction?
a. Qatar
b. China
c. Ireland
d. India

22. Sensory neuron is also known as?
a. Afferent
b. Efferent
c. Synapse
d. None of these

23. Inflammation of vagina in postmenopausal women is called as?
a. Toxic shock syndrome
b. Senile vaginitis
c. Chlamydial vaginitis
d. Chronic vaginitis

24. The interval between exposure to infection and the appearance of the first symptoms is called?
a. Latent period
b. Incubation period
c. Incubation
d. All of these

25. The second woman president of India is?
a. Pratibha Patil
b. Droupadi Murmu
c. Indira Gandhi
d. Mamta Banerjee

Nursing Exam Questions and Answers

1. Normally enteral feedings are flushed with water to open blocked tube and ease feedings. In which area it is done with it?
b. Operational unit
c. Rehabilitation unit
d. Critical care unit

2. Which of the following food should be avoided when the patient is on MAOI?
a. Calcium rich food
b. Tyramine containing food
c. Gluten rich food
d. Alanine containing food

3. Most dangerous sign in lower respiratory tract infection in children?
a. Abdominal breathing
b. Chest retraction
c. Grunting
d. Tachypnea

4. Arrangement of lens from eye to source of light, in light microscope?
a. Ocular lens; Objective lens; Condenser lens
b. Subjective lens; Ocular lens: Condenser lens
c. Condenser lens; Objective lens; Ocular lens
d. Subjective lens; Condenser lens; Ocular lens

5. Which Leopold maneuver is used to assess the fetal attitude during abdominal palpation of an ANC mother?
a. First
b. Second
c. Third
d. Fourth

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