Most Important Nursing Questions and Answers

Most Important Nursing Questions and Answers

ESIC Staff Nurse Model question-paper Series – 6: Click here

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Total Quiz Questions=27
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=135
This MCQs are based on urinary system, head and spinal cord injury and general nursing. The questions are previously asked or important questions repeatedly asking in various government exams like AIIMS, ESIC, RRB etc.

  1. Which condition develops immediately after dialysis characterized by mental confusion, restlessness, and in severe cases epileptic seizures?
  2. a)Azotemia
    d)Dialysis disequilibrium

  3. Which nursing action would help to optimize the client’s cerebral perfusion pressure?
  4. a)Position the client in high Fowler’s position
    b)Keep the client’s head turned to the side
    c)Have the client assist with moving up in bed by pushing with his feet
    d)When turning the client, treat the body as one continuous unit and treat fever with antipyretics as ordered

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  5. The high potassium rich diet is contraindicated during the use of which diuretic?
  6. a)Loop diuretic
    b)Potassium sparing diuretic
    c)Osmotic diuretic
    d)Thiazide diuretic

  7. Based on mechanism of action, what type of injury will happen when sudden blow is struck to the head and head is free to move?
  8. a)Acquired head injury
    b)Penetrating head injury
    c)Acceleration injury
    d)Deceleration injury

  9. In which of the following condition, uremic encephalopathy usually seen?
  10. a)Liver cirrhosis
    b)Chronic renal failure
    d)Guillen Barre syndrome

  11. Under which category of renal failure causes includes bleeding, diarrhea, burns etc?
  12. a)Pre-renal

  13. Which medical condition characterized by small red extremely vascular polyp like growth situated just within and protruding from external urethral meatus of women?
  14. a)Urethritis
    b)Uterine prolapse
    c)Urethral caruncle

  15. Following head injury, a patient admitted at emergency with GCS of 12, within 20 minutes GCS becomes 8. What will be the nurse’s priority action?
  16. a)Rush one liter of IV fluids
    b)Repeat the blood glucose test
    c)Prepare for intubation
    d)Lower the head of the bed to 30 degree

  17. Which of the following condition can be prevented by transcutaneous supraorbital nerve stimulation or t-SNS?
  18. a)Parkinsonism
    b)Seizure disorder
    c)Migraine attacks

  19. What is the primary critical observation for APGAR scoring?
  20. a)Heart rate
    b)Respiratory rate
    c)Presence of meconium
    d)Presence of lanugo

  21. Pre-op preparation for appendectomy includes all of the following except?
  22. a)Informed consent
    b)Enema stat
    c)Skin preparation
    d)Remove the jewellary

  23. Development of brittle, spoon shaped nail is called as?
  24. a)Koilonychia

  25. Which condition develops after head injury leads to injury of the middle meningeal artery and vein, requiring urgent surgery or else leading to death of the patient?
  26. a)Epidural hematoma
    b)Subdural hematoma
    c)Subarachnoid hematoma

  27. Which of the following refers to an early morning rise in blood glucose level without proceeding nocturnal hypoglycemia?
  28. a)Turner’s sign
    b)Dawn phenomenon
    c)Diabetic ketoacidosis

  29. Lead poisoning is also known as?
  30. a)Asterixis
    c)Plummer Vinson syndrome
    d)Prader Villi syndrome

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  31. What is the most common cause of secondary immunodeficiencies?
  32. a)Stress

  33. Which of the following intervention can best prevent bed sore?
  34. a)Massage reddened areas with lotion and oils
    b)Change the position every 1 – 2 hours
    c)Use special water mattress
    d)Keep skin clean and dry

  35. which diuretic have the side effect of rebound ICP?
  36. a)Loop diuretic
    b)Potassium sparing diuretic
    c)Osmotic diuretic
    d)Thiazide diuretic

  37. The following conditions are contraindications of peritoneal dialysis except?
  38. a)Peritonitis
    b)Increased B.U.N level
    c)Bowel distention
    d)Respiratory insufficiency

  39. Which of the following is a contraindication, when a doctor ordered for an additional I.V Mannitol for a head injury patient?
  40. a)Urine myoglobin is present
    b)Osmotic gas less than 10
    c)The patient is Hypovolemic
    d)Serum Bilirubin is low

  41. What is periorbital echymosis or Raccoon sign?
  42. a)Bluish discoloration of eyebrows
    b)Bluish discoloration around the eyes
    c)Bluish discoloration of the fore head
    d)Red color around the pupil

  43. The following nursing interventions are used to manage urinary incontinence except?
  44. a)Instructing and encouraging the patient for pelvic floor exercises
    b)Promote environments ensures toileting effectively
    c)Give patient hot tea or drink
    d)Place bed pan or urinal within easy reach

  45. What is the leather like thickening or hardening of outer skin?
  46. a)Scleroderma

  47. How to find out easily the head injury patient’s drainage from the nose and ear contains CSF?
  48. a)CSF estimation test
    b)Halo ring method or double ring test
    c)Dropping blood method
    d)Glucose test

  49. In which of the following neurological condition the “roto rest bed” is used?
  50. a)Severe head injury
    c)Increased ICP
    d)Thoracic and lumbar injuries

  51. Which of the following medicine usually used in spinal cord injury, to improve spinal cord perfusion and edema?
  52. a)Furosemide
    d)Ringer Lactate solution

  53. Which of the following is a dangerous complication of the spinal cord injury?
  54. a)Paralytic ileus
    c)Pressure ulcer
    d)Autonomic dysreflexia

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