JIPMER Staff Nurse Exam Previous Question Paper 2

JIPMER Staff Nurse Exam Previous Questions and Answers Series 2

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Total Quiz Questions=25
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=125
These Questions are asked on JIPMER staff nurse exam in 2013, here is second 25 nursing questions and answers are included. It will be helpful for preparing upcoming JIPMER staff nurse exam.

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  1. Which IUCD needs to be replaced only after 10 years?
  2. a) Copper T 200
    b) Progestasert
    c) Cu-T 380 A
    d) Nova T

  3. Aspermia is the term used to describe?
  4. a) Absence of semen
    b) Absence of sperm
    c) Presence of abnormal sperm
    d) Absencs of sperm motility

  5. Which factor is most closely associated with successful smoking cessation ?
  6. a) Enrollment in a short term support group
    b) Lack of reliance on nicotine gum as a secondary intervention
    c) Preparation of a plan to deal with potential relapses
    d) Reliance on a single intervention

  7. A newly married healthy couple is asking for the best method of contraception and which one of the following methods a nurse will advise?
  8. a) Barrier method
    b) Rhythm method
    c) Intrauterine devices
    d) Combined oral pills

  9. All are high risk factors for endometrial carcinoma EXCEPT?
  10. a) Obesity
    b) Multiparity
    c) Diabetes
    d) Exogenous estrogen

  11. Oxygenated blood enter the fetal circulation from umbilical vein via?
  12. a) Ductus venosus
    b) Ductus arteriosus
    c) Intra hepatic vein
    d) Intra hepatic artery

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  13. Persistant generalized lymphadenopathy is caused by?
  14. a) HSV
    b) HZV
    c) HAV
    d) HIV

  15. Which one of the following viruses cause post transfusion hepatitis?
  16. a) Hepatitis A
    b) Hepatitis B
    c) Hepatitis C
    d) Hepatitis D

  17. What is the usual site of intramuscular injection a nurse will choose in an adult for Z track technique?
  18. a) Deltoid
    b) Rectus femoris
    c) Ventro gluteal
    d) Vastus lateralis

  19. How a nurse will have to collect urine sample for culture from urinary collecting system?
  20. a) With needle aspiration
    b) Empty urine from bag
    c) Collect from catheter
    d) Disconnect bag and collect

  21. All of the hormone are secreted by anterior pitutary EXCEPT?
  22. a) GH
    b) GRH
    c) TSH
    d) FSH

  23. Glycated haemoglobin(HbA1C) test glucose levels?
  24. a) Over 2days
    b) Over 14 days
    c) Over 30 days
    d) Over 90 Days

  25. How do you know that intercostal drainage tube is functioning?
  26. a) Continuous bubbling in waterseal bottle
    b) Continuous bubbling from suction tube
    c) Oscillation of water column in drainage bottle
    d) No bubbling in the drainage bottle

  27. A subjective feeling about what is right or wrong , in psychiatric medicine is said to be?
  28. a) Values
    b) Morality
    c) Religion
    c) Bioethics

  29. Nurse has to apply erythromycin ointment to a newborn child. Which area of eye she is supposed place it?
  30. a) On the cornea
    b) Under the eyelid
    c) Lower conjunctiva
    d) Upper conjunctiva

  31. Fluid overload in a patient may cause?
  32. a) Angio edema
    b) peripheral edema
    c) Pulmonary edema
    d) cerebral edema

  33. All are true regarding H.Pylori infection EXCEPT?
  34. a) Is gram positive bacteria
    b) Is eradicated by triple therapy
    c) Produces urease enzyme
    d) Causes maltoma tumour

  35. Which one of the following statements by a patient with backache should alert the nurse?
  36. a) Pain on movement
    b) Pain radiating on movement
    c) Perineal anaesthesia
    d) Pain sensation lost on leg

  37. The purpose of lymph nodes in to trap?
  38. a) Antigens
    b) Macrophages
    c) Hormones
    d) RBCs

  39. Cytokines are chemical messengers, Which?
  40. a) Kill micro organisms
    b) Promote inflammatiin
    c) Cause severe pain
    d) Produce antibodies

  41. The Thymus related T cells?
  42. a) Produce antibodies
    b) produce NK cells
    c) Recognize B Cells
    d) Recognize body’s own cells

  43. A nurse caring a patient on pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy should asses them for?
  44. a) Weight gain
    b) Hypertension
    c) Arrhythmias
    d) GIT irritation

  45. H2 blocker of choice, in liver disease is ?
  46. a) Cimetidine
    b) Ranitidine
    c) Famotidine
    d) Nizatidine

  47. Cardiac muscle differ from skeletal muscle by?
  48. a) It contains actin and myosin
    b) It has automaticity and conductivity
    c) It needs calcium for contraction
    d) It thrives without oxygen

  49. The nurse explains to the mother of a neonate diagnosed with erythroblastosis fetalis, that he exchange transfusion is necessary to prevent damage to?
  50. a) Liver
    b) Lungs
    c) Kidneys
    d) Brain

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