Important Nursing Questions and Answers Part – 6

Important Nursing Questions and Answers Part – 6

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Total Quiz Questions=25
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=125
Most important nursing questions and answers.In this quiz previously asked nursing questions are included.
These questions are asked in various government exams includes AIIMS, Safdarjung, PGIMER, RAKCON, JIPMER Nursing Exams.

  1. Adult type diphtheria vaccine?
  2. a) Td
    b) DT
    c) DPT
    d) PT

  3. Nissen’s fundoplication procedure is done to treat?
  4. a) Intestinal obstruction
    b) Hirshsprung’s disease
    c) Gastro esophageal reflux disease
    d) Pyloric stenosis

  5. Dietary intake of calcium should be reduced in clinical condition?
  6. a) Hypo parathyroidism
    b) Hyper parathyroidism
    c) Hypothyroidism
    d) Hyperthyroidism

  7. Indomethacin is the the medical choice for the cardiac condition?
  8. a) Tetralogy of Fallot
    b) Tricuspid Atresia
    c) Coarctation of Aorta
    d) Patent Ductus Artereosus

  9. Specific drug for filariasis?
  10. a) Paracetamol
    b) Diethyl carbamazine
    c) Iver mectin
    d) Doxycycline

  11. How many virus strains are present in Oral Polio Vaccine?
  12. a) One
    b) Three
    c) Four
    d) Two

  13. Lack of which vitamin causes dryness of conjunctiva?
  14. a) Vitamin D
    b) Vitamin E
    c) Vitamin A
    d) Vitamin C

  15. Which condition is characterized by “Pea-soup stools”?
  16. a) Diphtheria
    b) Typhoid
    c) Chicken pox
    d) Cholera

  17. Somnambulism is the condition of?
  18. a) Sleep walking
    b) Sleep talking
    c) Teeth grinding
    d) Nightmares

  19. A type of surgery in which symptoms are relieved but the basic cause remains so, does not cure the disease?
  20. a) Ablative surgery
    b) Transplant surgery
    c) Palliative surgery
    d) Diagnostic surgery

  21. Position to be kept by a person for lumbar puncture?
  22. a) T-shaped
    b) C-Shaped
    c) B-Shaped
    d) Y-shaped

  23. Normal range of pCO2 in blood gas analysis?
  24. a) 15 – 25 mm of Hg
    b) 25 – 35 mm of Hg
    c) 35 – 45 mm of Hg
    d) 45 – 55 mm of Hg

  25. What will happen sugar content of CSF during bacterial infection?
  26. a) Normal
    b) Decrease
    c) Increase
    d) No sugar

  27. The only Cranial nerve emerges from dorsal aspect of the brain stem is?
  28. a) Abducent
    b) Facial
    c) Oculomotor
    d) Trochlear

  29. Motor area in cerebrum is mainly associated with?
  30. a) Controlling all motor activity
    b) Executing fine movements
    c) Performing an involuntary movements
    d) Performing all voluntary movements

  31. Color vision is by?
  32. a) Bipolar cells
    b) Cones
    c) Occipital cortex
    d) Rods

  33. Stimulation of carotid baroreceptor leads of?
  34. a) Decrease in heart rate and blood pressure
    b) Increase in heart rate and blood pressure
    c) Decrease in intracranial tension
    d) Increase in intracranial tension

  35. Cerebrospinal fluid is principally secreted by?
  36. a) Arachnoid granulation
    b) Choroid plexus
    c) Floor of fourth ventricle
    d) Periaqueductal grey

  37. In Athlets, bradycardia is because of?
  38. a)Increased Cardiac output
    b) Decreased sympathetic tone
    c) Increased vagal tone
    d) Low venous return

  39. The preferred drug for the treatment of organophosphorous poisoning is?
  40. a) Adrenaline
    b) Atropine
    c) Neostigmine
    d) Vecuronium

  41. Which among the following is a sympathomimetic bronchodilator?
  42. a) Budesonide
    b) Ipratropium
    c) Montelukast
    d) Salbutamol

  43. The drug of choice for the treatment of status epilepticus is?
  44. a) Carbamazepine
    b) Lorazepam
    c) Phenobarbitone
    d) Sodium valproate

  45. Good cholesterol is?
  46. a) LDL
    b) VLDL
    c) Chylomicron
    d) HDL

  47. Contributions of Louis Pasteur include all except?
  48. a) Hot air oven
    b) Pasteurisation
    c) Live attenuated anthrax vaccine
    d) Discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

  49. Example of zoonotic disease is all except?
  50. a) Taeniasis
    b) Brucellosis
    c) Hydatid disease
    d) Leptospirosis

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