ESIC Previous Staff Nurse Exam Questions and Answers Series – 1

ESIC Previous Staff Nurse Exam Questions and Answers Series – 1

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Total Quiz Questions=26
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=130
Most important questions and answers of ESIC Previous Staff Nurse Exam.In this quiz previously asked nursing questions are included.
These questions are asked in various ESIC like ESIC Delhi, ESIC Jaipur, ESIC Indore, ESIC Mumbai etc.

  1. Fertilization process completed?
  2. a) In ovary
    b) In uterus
    c) In cervix
    d) In fallopian tube

  3. Largest gland of the human body?
  4. a) Pancreas
    b) Liver
    c) Skin
    d) Ovary

  5. Morphine is contraindicated in?
  6. a) Angina
    b) Bronchial asthma
    c) Severe pain
    d) M.I

  7. Thermophillic bacteria grow at following minimum temperature?
  8. a) 20 degree C
    b) 35 degree C
    c) 55 degree C
    d) 85 degree C

  9. Exchange of gases in internal respiration takes place?
  10. a) Between heart and lungs
    b) Between lungs and environment
    c) Between blood vessels and tissues
    d) All of these

  11. Pseudoephidrine is a?
  12. a) Antimanic
    b) Decongestant
    c) Anticoagulant
    d) Antiemetic

  13. Most abundant ion in extracellular fluid is?
  14. a) Sodium
    b) Potassium
    c) Calcium
    d) Magnesium

  15. Smallest form of vein is known as?
  16. a) Venule
    b) Vena cava
    c) Vein
    d) Sinus

  17. In human body glycogen is mainly stored in?
  18. a) Thyroid gland
    b) Liver
    c) Kidney
    d) Intestine

  19. In human body pituitary gland is situated in?
  20. a) Sella tursica
    b) lateral ventricle
    c) Below clavicle
    d) Below thyroid gland

  21. 1 teaspoonful medicine is equal to?
  22. a) 2 ml
    b) 3 ml
    c) 5 ml
    d) 10 ml

  23. Total number of vertebrae in human?
  24. a) 7
    b) 12
    c) 33
    d) 28

  25. Total number of chambers in human heart?
  26. a) 4
    b) 1
    c) 3
    d) 2

  27. In following which is both exocrine and endocrine gland?
  28. a) Pituitary gland
    b) Adrenal gland
    c) Pancreas
    d) Thyroid gland

  29. Cardiac muscles are?
  30. a) Voluntary and striated
    b) Involuntary and non-striated
    c) Voluntary and non-striated
    d) Involuntary and striated

  31. In following which medicine is used to treat allergic condition?
  32. a) Citrizine
    b) Dexona
    c) Chlorpheneramine
    d) All of these

  33. Total number of intercostals muscles are?
  34. a) 7 pairs
    b) 11 pairs
    c) 12 pairs
    d) 24 pairs

  35. The blood vessel which connect the artery and vein?
  36. a) Venule
    b) Arteriole
    c) Capillary
    d) Sinous

  37. Concentration of oxygen in expired air is about?
  38. a) 0 %.
    b) 21 %.
    c) 16 %.
    d) 4 %.

  39. Which drug may cause ‘Gray-baby syndrome’?
  40. a) Chloramphenicol
    b) Gentamycin
    c) Pencillin
    d) Tetracycline

  41. In following which drug control the progress of AIDS?
  42. a) Ampicillin
    b) Zidovudine
    c) Streptomycin
    d) Dexona

  43. What is the effect of adrenaline?
  44. a) Increase heart rate
    b) Vasoconstriction
    c) Vasodialation
    d) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

  45. Kidney is situated?
  46. a) In abdominal cavity
    b) In Pelvic cavity
    c) In thoracic cavity
    d) In dorsal cavity

  47. Sterilization of endoscope is done?
  48. a) By autoclaving
    b) By U.V rays
    c) By 2% phenol
    d) By 2 % gluteraldehyde

  49. In following which is a side effect of streptomycin?
  50. a) 8th cranial nerve damage
    b) Damage to growing cartilage
    c) Bone marrow depression
    d) Diarrhoea

  51. The appendix is situated?
  52. a) Left hypochondrium
    b) Right hypochondrium
    c) Left iliac fossa
    d) Right iliac fossa

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